Friday, March 18, 2011

Poems for St. Patrick's Day

I meant to type these out and share them earlier, but time got away from me this week. Here are the links to my St. Patrick's Day poems:

Saint Patrick's Day Poetry

Saint Patrick's Shamrock - a Haiku for St. Patrick's Day

Ireland Acrostic: An Acrostic Poem About the Emerald Isle

St. Patrick Acrostic - a Poem for Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick the Shepherd - a Children's Poem

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poem: Waiting on You

When floating in the sea of despair,
never give up hope, for the Lord is already there.
For in the time of your darkest hour,
you can tap into His Dunamis power.
Addressing Earth's challenges requires a key -
As a child of His, you must yourself see.
To assure that your earnest prayers are heard,
you need to hide in your heart His Holy Word.
For out of your mouth, His Word you should speak,
which demonstrates that Him you truly seek.
For God's desire is to help you through,
but He is still... waiting on you.

From my book: Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
The ISBN is: 1-4196-5051-3

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Poem: As a Joint Heir with Thee

What a blessing it would be
as a joint heir with thee,
sharing the Father's affection
for the numerous days of eternity!

What a honor you've bestowed upon me
as a joint heir with thee,
being adopted by the universal King
and connected to the divine, family tree.

What a grand responsibility
as a joint heir with thee,
proclaiming your name and love
to the World's expanse of humanity.

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