Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quiet Place of Rest

Lord, lead me to the Quiet Place
where Your peace shelters my weary soul
let me lay before You, with empty thoughts
Lord, tis' Your Presence that fills me full.

Yes Lord, lead me to that quiet rest
Oh come and fill me deeper, and deeper within
As I lay myself before your Throne, Oh God -
I find rest because You're the Keeper of my sin.

Here I am, hungry and seeking more of Your face
I come, humbled before the Savior, on bended knee
Longing for more of Your heart to be made known
Lord God , open the eyes of my heart, so it's You, alone I see.

Speak peace to me, when the enemy tries to steal and destroy
Lord, tonight, I need the Holy Spirit to carry me through-
Lord, to stand firm, in this fight for someones soul
It's Your strength, I know I'll find, when coming to You.

So, Lead me forward in this battle field, Lord
show me Lord, of what you already see
I come to You, yes, my Quiet Place of Rest
Lord Jesus,tis' here, where I need to always be.

Anchor of Hope

Our Anchor in life's storms, is He
the One who calms the trembling of those who fear
When wave, after wave of darkness sets in
It's Jesus ,our Anchor, whose presence is always near.

Yes, our Anchor is the Lord of All
It is Jesus, who comes to rescue in troubled seas
He leads us through each dark and stormy wave
Yes , He's the Anchor, who comes to save you,and me.

His voice ,but a whisper, quieting powerful waves
as He comes to wipe out all the Enemy's shame
The Anchor, who will keep you from drowning alone
Gives strength, to stand, in the sea of sorrow and pain.

Yes, our Anchor is the Lord of All
It is Jesus, who comes to lift us up in troubled seas.
He takes us through every dark and stormy night
Oh yes, it is Jesus, who comes to rescue you, and me.

Praise God, the anchor, comes to those who stand alone
and He whispers, gently , to all who cry out to Him
Hold on, my Child, I am all the help you need
I just ask you to trust, as my spirit fills you deep within.

Yes, our Anchor is Jesus, the Lord of All
It is He, who comes to lift us up, in heavy seas
He takes us through every dark stormy night
Oh yes, the Anchor comes, to rescue you, and me.

Hebrews 6:18-19:
" So God has given both his promise and his oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for God to lie. Therefore, we who have fled to him for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lamb of God

The sinless Lamb of God
Bore our sins upon His body

The Father’s wrath was poured out
Upon His innocent Son

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”
Beseeched from the Holy One whom they had rejected

Mocked when He proclaimed that He was King of the Jews
Yet He is the King of kings and Lord of lords

The ones He had healed
Stood before the cross condemning their Healer

Those whose sight was restored
Were blinded to the Savior before them

Those who could hear after Jesus’ miraculous touch
Were deaf to the Word of God

Those whose tongues were loosed
Were now crying “Crucify Him”

Those who sat on the hillside listening to the Sermon on the Mount
Now reviled and persecuted the Teacher who came to show them The Way

Those who hungered and were fed with loaves and fishes
Showed contempt for the One who was moved with compassion

The Pharisees who diligently studied God’s Word
Did not recognize the Scriptures fulfillment

The Disciples that Jesus called to follow Him
Had now fled, save one who stayed nearby

The Innocent’s blood was shed
For the guilty who stand condemned in their sin

The cleansing blood of the Lamb applied to the sin debt
Of those whom the Father had given Him from before the foundations of the world

The condemned clothed in self righteousness
Will stand before the Holy, Righteous Son of God to give an account

The guilty clothed in Christ’s Righteousness
Stand forgiven and are bid to enter in

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Addition Poems

Hey fellow poets! I just learned a new poetry form called an addition poem. I say it's a new form for two reasons: 1. I had never heard of it before and 2. I couldn't find any info on the internet. I wrote some instructions at:
How to Write an Addition Poem

I have written one addition poem in response to a challenge. It is not a Christian poem per se, so I will just post the link for anyone who wants to read it:

An addition poem about solitude and loneliness written in honor of National Poetry Month.

Anyone else want to try one?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reflections of a Mother

I see a Mother, in a kitchen window,
staring out into the sunny air
Wondering where her children are,
deep in thoughtful prayer.

Looking to her right and left,
eyes searching in tender care
But knowing no fear, and absolute peace
She knows, Jesus is going with them, everywhere.

A mothers Love, so gentle and true
always seeming so strong and pure.
Holding her babies in comforting arms
while kissing an injured finger or knee,
a child’s perfect cure.

For a child, a mother knows every answer
to questions , that are often shared
But a Mother who who is always listening
shows attention because she has a mothers care..

A mother teaches the truth about all things,
While showing that she has the answer to all life’s pain.
She opens her bible, and shows how much Jesus loves
by dying on the Cross for our sin, and shame.

She teaches the Truth that only Jesus gives
To her children and all their friends
While sharing of God’s forgiveness and grace
she teaches them about living free from sin.

Living her life as an example of His Word
A Mothers reflection, a child will never doubt
For she teaches what His true Love really is
And with this, her children will never have to do without.

Mother's Day and All Things Spring!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. You did such an amazing job rising to the challenge of sharing your Easter poetry, that I thought I would issue another challenge. It is spring here in North America, so I thought about issuing a Spring challenge, but I realize for our friends down under, it isn't Spring! Mother's Day is also coming up. I am aware not every country celebrates Mother's Day, but I believe most of us can come up with a poem honoring mothers. Mother's Day is the 2nd Sunday in May. So feel free to share a nice seasonal poem, whatever your season might be, or a poem honoring mothers... or whatever else the Lord puts on your heart.

I have two Mother's Day poems up on another site which has exclusive rights, so I can only share the links:

Mothers and Daughters: a Mother's Day Haiku
A poem about the relationship between mothers and daughters in the haiku form.

Mother's Day Acrostic Poem
A poem for Mother's Day in the acrostic form.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Son of Glory

We know you were a carpenter
The bible tells us so
A humble earthly teacher
Here to tell us what you know

We heard of all your teachings
Of healings by your hand
We know of all your dealings
With the sinners of the land

Renowned for your compassion
The perfect hope you gave
The least of all downtrodden
Your hand outstretched to save

Your days with us were shortened
Through an act of love so vast
Rejected by your Father
In your blood your spirit passed

But where are you now Jesus?
Where are you now?
WHO are you now?

A light so bright it dwarfs the sun
And in its' centre stands The One
Adorned in robes more pure than white
And armed with everlasting might

With head and hair as white as snow
With feet like burnished bronze aglow
With eyes ablaze - their depth unknown
The Ancient One reclaims his throne

In his hands the keys of death
A victory won in dying breath
Awaiting trial - defeated foes
The King of Kings stands unopposed

His words pour forth like mighty thunder
Like ocean tempest filled with wonder
The purest truth through lips unflawed
Its' judgment like a two edged sword

The First and Last, The Judge of All
Angelic hosts are held enthralled
Unbridled power, God of awe!
His hosts await his cry for war!

All shadows flee his steadfast stride
All evil lacks a place to hide
Hopes' eternal glory shines
A saving lighthouse ALL can find

In all his power, glory, might
There stands a God who knows my plight
His tender love, forgiving grace
His patient help in trials I face

When I toil in days of strife
I look to everlasting life
He is The Truth, The Light, The Way
And soon enough will come his day

With that fateful trumpet blast
Through heavens gates his armies march
To right all wrong things ever done
Jesus, Son of Glory, COME!

Faint Ray of Daylight

Faint ray of daylight announces the dawning,
Lights the horizon, filling the sky.
Gone is the darkness, banished the shadows;
The sun has risen and reigns on high.

Faint ray of hope through the night of the ages -
Dawn of a greater Light, Lord Adonai.
Gone is the darkness, banished the shadows;
The Son has risen and reigns on high.

Once, But Now

Once my lips cursed You
Now I praise You

Once I denied You
Now I seek You

Once dead in my sin
Now I proclaim salvation is found in no other name than Christ Jesus

Once I ran from You
Now I follow You

Once I heeded my own voice
Now I listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd

Once I longed to fit into the world’s mold
Now I desire to live the sanctified life

Once blinded to my own sin
Now I see my “good works” in light of Your holiness and righteousness

Once a sight walker
Now a faith walker

Once my own advocate
Now the Son sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for me

Once a grumbler and complainer
Now a prayer warrior

Once I held on to hurt, nursed a grudge
Now I forgive as I have been forgiven by my Lord

Once I hated my enemies
Now I love and pray for those who come against me

Once I allowed every kind of evil thought and wickedness to enter in
Now I guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus

Once filled with anxious thoughts
Now I have the peace of Christ

Once I put on self righteous
Now I’m clothed in Christ’s righteousness

Once I walked in my own strength
Now I’m weak but find my strength in Christ

Once self sufficient
Now fully dependent upon God

Once I was defenseless against a powerful foe
Now I’m armed with the Sword of the Spirit

Once deceived by the lies of the enemy
Now growing in wisdom from the study of God’s word

Once bound for eternity in hell
Now my heavenly future is secure

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
April 11, 2009

On this Easter weekend 2009, I give thanks, honor and praise to Jesus Christ, my Glorified Risen Lord and Savior. Because He chose to take on flesh, receive my just penalty of death, I stand forgiven. Because He chose rejection, scorn, beatings and death on the cross, I can have my sins covered by His precious blood. Because He was the sinless Son of God, death could not hold Him down and He arose victorious from the grave. Now He imparts, through the power of the Holy Spirit living within me, power and victory over sin.

You too can have your sins forgiveness…by Jesus Christ, the One and Only Living Son of God. You can have your future in eternity secured if you will confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus is Christ is Lord.

Why go another day without Jesus Christ?

Two-thousand years ago…He paid a heavy penalty for your sin so that you might be set free. Won’t you accept that free gift found in the Beloved Son?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh Sweet Victory!

People standing on the mountain top

wondering what the scene was all about

there, three men's bodies, bloody and still

dead, for which there was no doubt.

Taken down from the middle cross

Jesus, taken to a heavily guarded tomb

the crucified body of the Savior, laying still

placed in what was to be, His final, covered room.

But praise God for the Power He held

Power, that Jesus had over Heaven, and hell

and when family coming to check on Him that day

His body gone, but now what a story, we can tell!

Up from the grave He arose!

to show He is the King of Kings!

Jesus broke free from the chains of hell

and now a Victory song we all can begin to sing:

We sing because He conquered death

We sing because the Savior died and rose again

We sing because Jesus broke open the tomb

Oh Yes, Sweet Victory because of Him!

Thursday night: Pesach

Thursday night: Pesach
(revised 2009)

A meal, friends dining with history,
shaping the future in bread and wine.
This menu of prophecy and proclamation
leaps from commemoration’s stale impotency.
The hidden bread put away at Passover,
revealed, in word
as the Word waits
for accusation, condemnation,
shattered skin,
and the staggered path
to the weak darkness of death.

A meal, friends dining on living bread,
the table laden with hopes and fears
a journey towards Omega
as Alpha anticipates oblivion’s
futile final curse.
The moon listens
to His evening prayer
but the sun will refuse to watch
and the curtain will disclose
the heart of man

Easter Haiku

Easter morning dawns.
Behold the empty chamber:
Jesus is risen!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hallelujah King of Glory!

I sing Hallelujah King of Glory
as my voice sings a song of praise
And with my humbled heart I come to Jesus
for on the cross, Hallelujah, my sin was washed away.

Oh yes I sing Glory Hallelujah!
I sing praises to the King
With my hands I hold wide open
for all Praise to God alone I bring.

Hallelujah, He reigns in majesty
Jesus, the King of Kings, and Lord of All -
bowing down before the Throne of Glory
to my Redeemer, Savior, on my knees I humbly fall.

Singing Hallelujah, King of Glory
to the One who lived and died
Oh how Jesus is the Name above all Others
for all my sin, Jesus, my Savior, Crucified.

Oh how I sing Glory, Hallelujah!
to the Lord of Lord, and King of Kings
I come with my song of praise - resounding
for all Honor to God, Alone , I bring.

Oh yes I sing Glory Hallelujah!
I sing praises to the King
With my hands I hold wide open
for all Praise to God alone I bring.



It should have been I
in the judgement hall
facing the charges brought:
indicted justly for my wrongs
before a righteous Judge.
Yet You stood, instead,
the sinless God
hauled for judgement
before sinful man.
You spoke not
to defend Your innocence
but in silence bore my guilt
and in my place
received the sentence due to me.

It should have been I
whose back was whipped
for beatings
are for the backs of fools,
and I in foolishness
have set before You other gods
of stone, of flesh, of thought,
but mostly of myself,
whilst You
wisdom personified
have brought the truth.

It should have been I
whose hands and feet were nailed
to cruel beams
as they shuddered into place
and torn
by the weight of sin’s burden.
For my hands
have often been
the instrument of evil
and yet more often still have failed
to do the good they could have wrought;
my feet have carried me
to places where Your Spirit
could not comfortably rest.
But your hands
brought only life
and Your feet
led you only in the Father’s paths.

It should have been I
whose head was crowned with angry thorns
for thoughts of anger
hatred, envy, lust and greed
are not strangers to its paths
and my mind
in rebellion
has often sought
to raise itself above the throne of God.
But Your mind bowed
before the Father’s will
obedient even
to this ignominious end.

It should have been I
whose heart was pierced
this heart in which
the depths of degradation lurk;
whose motives all
are tainted with corruption
and whose purest thoughts
stink of death.
Instead, Your heart of love
was rent
not by the soldier’s sword
but by my guilt.

It should have been I
who died
exposed in naked shame
before the eyes of all
who cared to look;
screaming eternally
to unresponding infinity
for the just God
who turned His head away.
But You,
the righteous One
received my wages due
and I
walking free and clean
offer my inadequate response:
Thank You.
Thank you.

In, But Not Of

I am in the world
But not of it

My ears are tuned
To the beat of a different drummer

Daily dying to self
I’ve been crucified with Christ

That which used to attract me
Now repels me

I’d much rather learn God’s word
Than pursue that which will one day be lost

Storing up in heaven riches
That which can never perish

Oh Lord, may I glorify Jesus my Savior
Rather than seek the praises of men

Honor Him who died for me
Praise the One who set me free

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
April 1, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Acrostic

E ternity held its breath
A nd sent the Holy Child:
S avior of all the earth,
T o God's will reconciled,
E nsnared by bonds of death -
R esurrected undefiled.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Redeemer's Love

This poem came as I began to think about the Cross, and the Tomb.. And the Savior. And the " Redeemer's Love " for me, and for you..

From high upon a hillside cross
our Savior suffered , bled and died
And though Jesus carried the world's sin on His back
He walked carrying that load, knowing he would be crucified.

Yes, he carried the cross after being beaten and scorned
being shamed all the way to that lonely hill
And hearing words, of the soldiers, mocking His Name
Jesus knew their goal was for him to be shamed and killed.

So with every whip being torn into His skin
and tortured pain becoming a sign of His impending death
Jesus, being nailed to that heavy wooden cross
held on ,until his last painful breath.

But all the while, His love held him there
knowing the Father's plan meant he had to die
Jesus knew He was the only one to offer Life that day
and from the cross, our Savior's love showed us why:

Oh yes, our Savior had to die
He had to suffer at the hands of the Roman men
Yet, with love in his heart, and redemption for all
Our Savior would became the Redeemer for all who sin.

Then our Savior came back as the Risen King
tearing the temple veil in two -
but by the Power of Jesus, the Risen King
Our Saviors death opened heavens doors for me and you!

Oh yes, I will sing a song of Praise and Joy
I will lift my voice to the King of Kings
and for His death, on that lonely hillside Cross
My voice in Praise, to my Redeemer, I shall always sing!

Reconciled and More!

Our hope is in His life;
The Way that some detested.
Our royal road to God
Through Christ, is manifested.
Hope began with Mary’s Child-
How much more, now reconciled!

Our joy is in His life;
The Truth that some rejected.
Our freedom finally found
Through Jesus’ resurrection!
Joy began with Mary’s Child-
How much more, now reconciled!

Our life is in His life;
The Light that some deflected.
Our relationship to God
Through Christ can be perfected.
Life began with Mary’s Child-
How much more, now reconciled!

Our peace is in His life;
The Blood that some neglected.
Our debt forever paid
Through Christ, who was erected.
Peace began with Mary’s Child-
How much more, now reconciled!

Romans 5:10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. NASB

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Light of the World

The veil drawn
darkness smothers the sun
one perfect flesh
suffers alone
deathly silence
of his Father's wrath
for man's seething mass of
torments of hell
for a lost world
uttered cries of woe
Eli Eli lama sabachthani
a ransom for all
redeemed by the
blood of Christ


the veil torn
at Calvary
hangs opaque
in clouded hearts
laced in self
by threads woven
of earthly desires
broken communion
lost in darkness

oh troubled soul
with one voice

Jesus is the Light of the World

posted by donna