Monday, September 28, 2009

Jesus is the Great I Am..

When the day is dark and lonely
and I have Jesus to walk by my side
I know I can always snuggle up to Him
because in His love, I can abide.

Its when I feel this weak and weary
in doing all that I seem to need to do
but I will rise up with the Strength You give
because I know I am held closer, Lord, to You

You have reached down with your peace, O Lord
and come closer, as You touch me, this I know
Its when You take each heavy burden away
that I know You have always loved me so..

Even when I feel that I have no Power, Lord
and I don't think I have strength to stand
Its then when you remind me of Your Truth
that you are my God, and " The Great I Am"..

So I will once again, reach out to You
and ask for help in all things I can't control
for I know You are the King of Kings
and to You, Lord, all my praise, I will extol.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reveal in Me, O Lord... Secret Sin

Lord God, here I am today, when I am weak
Oh come and give me strength to face my sin
Lead me to drink from the Living Well of Hope
where I will find Redemption, deep within.

Lord, Shine Your lamp in this darkness , Lord
and touch my blinded eyes so that I can see
Come show me where there are hidden secrets , God
Reveal them in my home, or deep inside of me.

I know that there is mercy for me
And Lord, I know there is grace that I can know
And where there is Your forgiveness for me to receive
Lord, let Your cleansing in me, begin to flow

Oh that there is grace ahead
yes, Your Mercy was surrendered just for me
where forgiveness, love and Power have one day , stood
It was there O God, that you came to set me free

Lord , won't You be the bridge across this pain
Lord , I need You to be the safety in this wind
I need to know the Shelter of Your peaceful rest
Oh Lord, come nearer, and fill me from within

Father , make my mind to be like Yours
and by the Spirit , may my secrets be opened wide
please let your Strength come to fall all over me
Lord , reveal things that I might not know I even hide

O Lord, You are full of Power and Truth
You're soothing , like a gentle song in the dark of night
and in those things that come to break me God,
Lord, come and surround me with Your peace and light

Yes, just let me come, and rest in You
oh how I need to lay my secrets at Your feet
in the time when others have seen me strong
Lord, this is a burden You know I don't want to keep

Just come nearer, oh so nearer , Lord
and lead me to the place where I can come and rest
It's in Your comforting arms that enfolds me , Lord
oh draw me nearer, into your waiting chest.

Yes, just come to me, my Holy God
You are the Gentle Shepherd who calls my name
lead me to the place where I can find You , Lord
and reveal in me, things that are hidden because of shame.

Yes, just come nearer, Lord, come nearer still
Oh how I Long to come before Your Throne
and in that place where I can come before you , God
its there - where I know I will never walk alone.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Country walk in Eastern Oregon

As I look to the sky, Lord, I see only your face
The magnificent expansion
in this wide-open space.
I see your creative beginnings
yet “it is finished”, you did say
Jesus, the creator is alive,
but death came on a long ago day.

Trees standing erect
your arms reaching to all
Moss growing around tree trunks
God, thank you for hearing my call.
Tree bark, rough and splintering
yet the cross so very tender
Many years ago, as your life was rendered.

It’s cooler now, dusk settling in-
Branches whistling with rustling of wind.
Wood, often dead
by empty knots and decay-
Sometimes like hearts when “self” is in the way.

The running river, Dear Jesus,
swiftly moving away
Yet you did not run away
on your crucifixion day
You, suspended on the cross,
perhaps with bugs flying ‘round
Yet, your love, so powerful
while others stood on the ground.

So show me how, Lord Jesus, to deny only “me”
Teach me to learn more of you, so that I may see.
Show me how to live, , to never tear others down
Change me so that your creative beauty might be found.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Poems

Summer is drawing to a close, and I see we already have one nice Autumn poem posted! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I have a special fondness for fall poems. Before you know it, it will be time for Thanksgiving poems and then Christmas!

As you submit poems, please be thinking of which poems you can post for fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But as always, all Christian themes are welcome. And remember to leave feedback for other writers. We all like to receive feedback, so be sure to give it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mom's Pumkins

I sat and watched the whole event,
From the picking to the carving.
You even roasted all the seeds
To be sure that we weren’t starving!

Pumpkins, like with all you touch;
Go from bland to: “Oh so pretty!”
The time you take and detail
Proves you’re talented and witty.

I can see why they’re excited
When October rolls around.
They get to search for pumpkins
All short and fat and round.

Then we bring them to the table
And creative juices flow.
Whether cute or menacing-
Both will shortly glow.

Thanks, dear mom for little things
Like pumpkins every year.
Things that make a house a home
And times that draw us near.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


there is no more 'today'
when tomorrow
no longer threatens or cajoles
yesterday is an eternity away
and blessings come in winds
and waves and shoals
its then
and only then
that fear
becomes a fiction of the past
and only then
that love comes home at last