Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Old American Pride

We need a resurgence of patriotism,
Of good old American pride,
To stand for our God-given values
For which all our ancestors died.

We've lived on their blood and their merits,
Forgetting to take our own stand,
And now we're in danger of losing
The freedom we offer all man.

America! Wake up! Time is wasting!
God gives us the answer to win!
Freedom is costly, it comes with a price
And He paid it once for all men.

Our country is blessed, we can't lose it!
An offering we too now must make,
New commitments avow, on our knees humbly bow
And our sins in repentance forsake.

For our troops and their blood we're so thankful,
What a price their families have paid,
Our prayers we must offer to God on the altar,
The enemy's hand must be stayed.

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble
themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their
wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive
their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Praise

As we come and enter the gates with praise and thanksgiving
Lord, we come to worship with hands lifted in the air
Oh Lord, surround us in this place of Worship
Lord, it's to the Throne, we've come to meet with You there

You are Holy, Holy, Holy
Oh God - of all earth, sky and sea
The Awesome King of Glory
Lord God, You came to Love and Redeem

You came so to cover us in Your mercy
Lord, we're covered in Your grace
As Your presence comes to fill us , Holy Spirit
Oh come and surround us in this Holy Place

Yes , we sing praise as we come before You
we come to Worship You, Jesus the King of Kings
We sing praise to the One who sits on the Throne of Glory
O yes, with our voice we come to Jesus, to sing :

Thou art Holy, Holy Holy
Oh God of the Earth, sky and sea
You are the One who Reigns in Glory
Yes, it's God, who sits on the Throne of Majesty

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fear Of The Future

I know not what the future holds,
Tomorrow may not come,
But for today I trust in Him
And I can overcome.

I need not fear the future,
He holds me in His hands,
If what I dread should come to be
Still I can trust His plans.

Assured that I am loved by God
I need not fear or quake,
The universe is in His hands,
He maketh no mistake.

He only wants what's best for me
Though I don't understand,
But this I know, I have no foe
That He cannot withstand.

And if the worst should happen,
That too I can accept,
For nothing comes into my life
That God can't intercept.

So when my world appears to shake,
When I have lost control,
I could not be in better hands,
On Him my fears I roll.

He knows my heart's desires,
But still He knows what's best,
And so I choose to trust in Him
And now my soul can rest.

Away Thanksgiving Day

For every parent who’s away
And can’t come home Thanksgiving,
Know deep reflections fill the day
And hope abounds for blessings.
Though absent, they are always near
They’re in our hearts and always dear.

For brothers, sisters, far away
Who can’t come home Thanksgiving,
Know family ties will not give way
They’ll bind us evermore.
Though absent, they are always near
They’re in our hearts and always dear.

For every child who’s away
And can’t come home Thanksgiving,
Know that prayers are yours today
And aching hearts are pining.
Though absent, they are always near
They’re in our hearts and always dear.

For every soldier who’s away
And can’t come home Thanksgiving,
Know every loved one yearns today
To see you safely home.
Though absent, they are always near
They’re in our hearts and always dear.


Psalm 86:12I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and will glorify Your name forever.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Through Me

Whatever you are going through
I am always here for you
In the height and in the depth
I am with you every step
Any crisis big or small
I am bigger than them all
There is nothing I can't do
satan bows his knee to you
Through me.

I have loved you on the cross
Took the rap for all your loss
Past and present, future too
I have covered them for you
So you need not ever fear
Call My name and I am near
Hand your problems straight to Me
You will see the darkness flee
Through Me.

Come on child, it's time to trust
Shake off all that clogging dust
It is time to seek My face
Put Me in My proper place
At the head of all you are
Drop your mask and we'll go far
Die to self and live again
You will never be the same
Through Me.

Unending Pain

It's not so difficult to bear pain for an hour,
But pain unending takes a heavy toll,
But God in grace brings comfort in these hours
And peace I find for agony of soul.

I trust my God who with me my pain suffers,
He's made it clear this path is His design,
Through pain I've learned His love cannot be measured
For I have learned contentment in the Vine.

For through the pain He's opened heaven's windows,
I've gained far more than I have truly lost,
For lives have changed--my own and those of others,
New paths have opened due to pain's slight cost.

Were I to choose, still I would walk pain's highway,
For hand in hand My Savior walks with me,
I would not choose the smoothest path without Him
For in this pain His blessing now I see.

The Answer is Jesus

Jesus, You are the Answer to my life
the One that gives me reason to go on
You are the one that leads in Truth
Lord, You are my morning , and evening song

You teach me how to walk in faith
though , steps might seem to waver , now and then
yet, You are my answer to when life goes awry
Lord, You are my Redeemer , from a life of sin

So I will thank you Lord, for all You've done
for giving me hope to carry on in a world so bleak
and as I see Your ways, instead of my own
Lord, its Your Path , that I will always seek

Yes, I will seek and praise You , yes, my Lord
My heart is filled with songs of praise
and as I follow You , with Your Praise in hand
Lord, its to You, my thanks will be forever raised..

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sacrifice Of Praise

Though winter breathes its icy blast
And flowers are no more,
When all around me there is strife,
No sunshine as before...

Though my whole world is shaking,
I don't know what to do,
Still I will kneel before Your throne
And give my praise to You.

For praise can be a sacrifice
When my heart knows no peace,
When I am shaken to the core
And troubles never cease.

But this I know--You are in charge,
In You I safely dwell,
And so this sacrifice I bring
When I would rather yell.

From even evil You bring good
For all who bear Your name,
Your love for us will never end
And we protection claim.

Though praise feels like a sacrifice
On faith we thus put feet,
For praise declares our faith in You
When all appears defeat.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Marriage Of The Lamb

I thank You, Father, for this one
That You have given Me,
I pledge to her My faith and love
For all eternity.

I've chosen her, she is now Mine,
I give her all My love,
And nothing can divide us now
For it is sealed above.

I died for her, her sins are gone,
You see her clothed in Me,
For I have paid the price that she
From guilt may now be free.

I take this loved one as My own,
A Husband I will be,
Protection and provision vow,
All power is given Me.

All that I am, all that I own,
Is now My bride's to share,
And one day she will dwell with Me,
Her home I now prepare.

A marriage feast we'll celebrate,
The marriage of the Lamb,
My church, My bride, My righteousness
Will see Me as I am.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Get Up, Go Forward

It's true you have fallen,
You slipped and you fell,
You made the wrong choices,
Fell under sin's spell.

Yet you need not lay there,
Your face in the dust,
Your life is not over
When in Him you trust.

From your view it's ended,
From His it's begun,
If you've learned you need Him
Sin's pleasure to shun.

It does not come cheaply,
Forgiveness and grace,
It's bought by Christ Jesus
Who stood in your place.

It's your debt He carried,
It's your shame He bore,
Each time that you fall down
You're hurting Him more.

It's time for commitment,
Stop pleasing yourself,
Put your plans, desires,
On His divine shelf.

Fulfillment, contentment,
Will be your reward,
His love and compassion
On you will be poured.

So get up, go forward,
Forgetting the past,
A new life is waiting,
His mercy is vast.

A Love Song

With grace and mercy, and nail- scarred hands
Jesus, you've come to pick up the scattered pieces of my sin
You listen for me in the quietness of night
and I've heard You whisper , "Come Child, and enter in "

As you come into the presence of My Holiness
you'll soak up the beauty of My glorious Throne
with forgiveness and peace that I've extended to you
it's on the cross - that my Victory stands alone

Yes, freedom comes as you enter in
as you come , and leave praises here at My feet
and with all that you bring, in storms , or in not
it's your praise - that I find so awesome and sweet

So sing to Me, my beautiful Bride
Come and sing your songs of great delight
for I love your heart expressed in every manner of praise
and it's now, that I'll sing over you with my own Love Song, tonight

The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jesus, my Constant Thread of Hope

Hope , in Jesus , a constant Thread
Like His love, it never will run dry.
All hope drawn from God's deepest well,
its to Jesus , we know that we can cry.

And as we walk, and trust in God
our faith grows like a sprouting seed.
And as His love flows from heart to heart,
He pours out grace to meet our every need.

Yes, Gods peace comes to all who ask
even when our trust needs to be renewed.
Jesus comes to sustain us in our quest for hope
Praising God , its us, who Jesus has pursued.

Yes, it's His foundation laid for when we come,
Jesus knows what we will need today to endure.
But our hope is constant in our world of change
With Jesus, we know in Him, we are secure.

Oh for my life, I know I can trust
even when things are not in clear view,
and peace drawn from God's deepest well
Father, just let Your healing come pouring through

In Our Weaknesses

We see our limitations
As things to overcome...
The handicaps that hold us back,
That seem so troublesome.

If we could be delivered,
The weaknesses depart,
There'd be much more that we could do,
More work to have a part.

And yet it's in our weakness
That His sure strength shines through,
It's in the pain, the grief, the tears
We find His grace is true.

We learn that in our weakness
We can on Him depend,
And often through those weaknesses
His love to others send.

We cannot hope to comfort
If we have known no pain,
It's through the shadows of our lives
That we have truly gained.

Our hearts have learned to focus,
To soak in His dear love,
To trust Him in the darkest night
And see the light above.

It's often in our weaknesses
God's power can thus shine through,
Our strengths are often hindrances
To what our God can do.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Life Is God's Production

How long, oh Lord, must this go on,
It is so hard to wait,
My life is Your production,
A play that You create.

Depression hovers in the wings
And wants to come on stage,
But by Your Holy Spirit
You guide me through each page.

Discouragement's to play no role,
The cast You pre-select,
And though life's trials play a part,
The ending You direct.

My lines are but to trust You,
To watch and persevere,
The script is held within Your hands
Though shadows linger near.

So, Lord, I choose to trust You
For You this play produce,
And this is but one act, one scene
You'll put to some good use.

I will not trust my senses,
I'll follow, Lord, Your script,
For each scene has a purpose,
No act can thus be skipped.

Dark shadows still may linger
Beyond the gleam of lights,
But when the curtain closes
I'll rise to holy heights.

A Morning like this... in God's Presence

As far as any eye could see
the cross stood at the center of Calvary
and though two thieves were also hanging there
it was Jesus - whose death claimed Victory

For He rose again, after three days
from the grave that held his body there
and yet, His Power shown as He came back to life
and the earth soon experienced His Glory in the air

With a shout of Glory Hallelujah!
Our God rose to sit on the Glory Throne
and those that come to trust and believe in Him
will know He'll never leave us alone

For those that Honor and Worship God
with songs of praise from hearts and offered hands
it is there on the cross that remains strong and true
Is our God, as his Majesty still forever, stands

My Savior's Love, Divine

To live the life that Gods says to live
even in struggles great or small,
He shows His Love by His extended Grace
as He comes to forgive one and all.

And then from mountain peaks of worship and praise
it's as if the view of the Throne is truly mine
but knowing He died to save each one of us
its there, where we'll all find our Savior's Love, divine

Yes, Your love, King Jesus - so divine
Yes, Love rich in mercy and unfailing grace
and as we come to the highest mountain of praise
Oh Lord, its at the Throne , where I know we'll see You face to face

So as I come before You , Lord of All
and bring my praise to empty at Your feet
it's in that place of true humbleness , Lord
That in Your Presence , I know I've come to be

Monday, November 16, 2009

All Is Well

All is well for it's in God's hands,
There's nothing that I need to fear,
And though I can't fathom
The way that He takes,
The good in my life will appear.

It isn't my job to make gold of my life,
I only must learn to accept,
And willingly walk through
The path He ordains,
He's promised by His hand I'm kept.

I need never question His methods,
He knows me and knows what it takes,
To make me a vessel
For His divine use
Though it may include some heartaches.

And still His Spirit is with me,
He never, no never, forsakes,
This is but a moment
And I have His word--
All is well for His hand undertakes.

The Sea of Mercy

There is a Sea of Grace, and Mercy
which flows from God’s Glorious Throne.
It's depth - a mystery , like the sea
And it's boundaries - deep, vast and unknown.

And like Gods Sea of Holiness,
It’s filled by the outpouring of Jesus' blood.
It reaches deep into every heart that asks
Its depth - flows constant with God's awesome love.

Oh come, Lord Jesus, may You pour
Your blessings of peace into my waiting cup
and as Your Presence reaches deep inside
Lord, Praise God! -
For Your Sea of Mercy has come to fill me up.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When All Is Lost

In the stillness of the moment
When it seems that all is lost,
Just remember that God's with you
And His love you can't exhaust.

When the weight you bear is heavy,
When you see that you have failed,
When the path you've chosen crumbles
And your heart with grief's assailed...

When you see the way you've chosen
Does not fulfillment make,
When regret and disillusion
Cause you nothing but heartache...

When it seems your life is ended,
When you want to fly away,
Just remember He is waiting,
He can turn your night to day.

When you're too far down to hear Him,
When you feel you go unheard,
Just remember He's been waiting
And He hears your every word.

All He asks is that you seek Him,
He will come and change within,
For He knows what you've been doing
And He knows just where you've been.

There's no need to go on hiding
For He sees a sparrow fall,
Just remember He's been waiting
List'ning for your slightest call.

Christmas Is Coming

Coming to a place near you
The Christmas show is on it's way
Complete with all the thrills and spills
Of trying to keep your debt at bay
No one must be cast adrift
For this is when you prove yourself
To be the loving, caring soul
Who likes to share your meagre wealth.

You have a list of all the names
Of friends and relatives you know
Because they're sure to buy for you
The strain of keeping up does show
Perhaps they're happy with the thought
That some one cares enough to send
Glad tidings of The Saviours birth
The One on who we all depend.

So let us radiate the truth
Of what this time is all about
A baby born of meagre means
Who lived to serve the down and out
With all the money that we waste
The greed and gluttony portrayed
Brings shame upon The Son of man
His life and work we have betrayed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

He Lost A Child Too

He lost a child too,
God knows the grief and pain,
He also knows what we do not...
This death is not in vain.

There always is a purpose,
Though this we may not see,
And through the anger and the tears
For faith the heart must plea.

For trust is badly shaken
When He allows such grief,
How could He rudely tear from us
Our treasure like a thief?

And though we plead for answers
And in silence turn away,
Still God is faithful and He waits
Though we our faith betray.

He sees our heart's confusion,
Our anger understands,
And still He waits with arms outstretched
And never reprimands.

"Lord, help us as we question,
Show us You still are love,
But, most of all, we need Your help
These doubts to rise above."

He longs to comfort and sustain
Though we don't understand,
In faith we trust when we can't see,
This too is in His hand.

He whispers in our sorrow,
"My child, I see your tears,
My comfort will sustain the one
Whose faith still perseveres."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rich in our Lord

You are Rich in Mercy , Lord
Your life, full of tender grace
Out of Your wonderful love you give
its by your Love, someday we will see you face to face

You've brought hope into the night,
You've touched me with your forgiving hand
Through Your love , left on the cross
Father, its by your grace that I can stand

I've been made alive in Christ,
and sin no longer mine to keep
by Your gift of eternal life
Lord, in my heart, you've settled in so deep

You've changed my heart deep within
and have cleansed me with Your blood
I've been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb
Lord, I am covered by Your redeeming Love

Father, in the grace, You've shown to me
A love, like none other than I will ever see
and , because of Grace , You've raised me up
Jesus, when Your blood was shed , on Calvary.

Lighten Up

Don't take it all so seriously,
There'll be another day,
Don't place so much importance
On stubble, wood, and hay.

For what He thinks important
The strength He will provide,
But we too often add much more,
Our work we've amplified.

It's not in our best interests
Nor helpful to the King,
If we by burdens are weighed down
And have no song to sing.

In gratitude, with eyes on Him,
We ward off any meltdown,
And perfect peace will be our lot
When we don't have a breakdown.

With confidence let's go to Him
And lay our burdens down,
We can relax within His arms
When we at last slow down.

Don't take it all so seriously,
There'll be another day,
Don't place so much importance
On stubble, wood, and hay.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Touch of Grace

I need to be lost in Your presence, Lord
just to be drawn into Your love
As Your peace comes to surround me here
Lord, it's by your grace, that I've been touched

Yes, Your grace is enough to know
even when things are hidden deep inside
but as I feel your spirit drawing close
Lord, its in Your truth, that I long to always abide

Father, hear my heart as I cry out to You
hear me as I lift Your name in praise
when the world seems to leave me weary and worn
Lord, its to You , my prayers I know I can always raise

Yes Your grace is enough for me
it's because of grace, I can look above
and through tears of deep gratitude
Lord, its by your grace, I can know your ever present love

Yes, I am overcome by Your love, my Lord
I'm surrounded by Your mercy and grace
Just to be in the presence of your Holiness
Lord, its where I find comfort in your sweet embrace

Yes , Your grace is enough for me
it brings me humbly to stand before you , face to face
and when hope is found with peace attached
I know new life comes because of Your Touch of Grace

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Valley Of Bones

I'm in need of Your refreshment,
This valley is so dry,
You know how long I've walked through this,
You've heard my every sigh.

And if I still must travel
This valley filled with bones,
In order that Your glory can
To others thus be shown...

Then I'll surrender to Your will,
I only ask for this...
Your presence close beside me,
Direction I can't miss.

Alone I'd stumble and fall down
Beneath these bones so dry,
Alone I'd falter in despair
And all my hope would die.

But, Lord, it's in Your power
To speak and life restore,
Until then I will walk through this,
Your strength in me now pour.

Heaven Declares the Wonders..of the Lord

Praises to the Holy One,
who opened heaven up to me.
Lifting me with spirit wings,
Praise God - by His redemption, I am free!

Yes Heaven declares His Wondrous Love
oh how Jesus came to show the way -
from death to life, abundant and clear
Praise God , my Jesus arose from the grave

With mountains declaring the beauty
Oh the Lord, how magnificent is He!
Yes, in all of heavens Glory on high
it was Jesus whose Love was displayed on Calvary!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Treasure that I Seek

Lord, You are the treasure that I seek
the precious gem that is so rare
You are the peace that I am searching for
Lord, in quiet or darkness, I know that You are there

There are many things that You have done
from bringing comfort , to healing of sin and shame
I've come today, to sit before Thy Throne
Lord, I know I will leave, not to be the same

Father, You hear my prayers, even whispered soft
And You see me kneeling before the Throne
You listen to me when I come to confess my sin
and Lord, it's then where Your mercy will be made known

You've seen me weak and weary , Lord
but You give me strength to persevere
Your love and healing brings hope today
Lord, your Presence felt as Your spirit draws near

Oh I am blessed to know You, Father God
when Your mercy whispers, " peace be still "
the grace You've given , Lord , to those who sin
Your arms extended, because Your Love came to fulfill

Yes, Lord, you are the Treasure that I Seek
I stand and rejoice towards Heaven up above
its in Your Awesome presence that joy is found
I come , Lord , to praise You for your Arms of Love

God's Love

More gentle than a mother's touch,
Stronger than father's arms,
More intimate than love's caress,
God's love all fear disarms.

This love contains all wisdom,
This love desires your best,
Your circumstances He controls,
You need not fear, just rest.

You need not earn approval,
You only need receive,
His gift of love is free to those
Who in His Son believe.

You are engraved upon His palms,
He chose you for His own,
Selected by the King of Kings,
You're never now alone.

His love's forever faithful
Regardless of your deeds,
Consistent and available
For all that your soul needs.

Isaiah 49:16

Kingdom Tyres

Kingdom tyres, the place to go
When your treads are wearing low
On that narrow road you’ll slide
With the world, you will collide
Get a grip, digest The Word
Then you’ll fly, just like a bird.

If your battery sadly dies
Then your charge will soon subside
You will fail to to glow and spark
Keeping people in the dark
Get a new one, set ablaze
The harvest field, in these last days.

Steering, brakes and shocks they do
Everything to comfort you
On the path you’ll dodge the flak
Stop in time to thwart attack
And you’ll have an easier ride
With Kingdom Tyres, your perfect guide.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Betrayal by a loved one,
The greatest test of all,
And nothing hurts more on this earth
Or builds a higher wall.

For having thus been wounded
By someone that we love,
The searing pain cuts deep within
More than we're conscious of.

For trust has now been broken,
No longer safe we fear,
And something that we once held dear
No longer we revere.

A caution then develops,
We fear that we shall tread
On scarcely hidden land mines,
And so we live in dread.

With loved ones we're so vulnerable,
Cross words can leave such scars,
They echo in our heads for years
And closeness then it mars.

O Lord, help us to watch our tongues
For they can cause such pain,
Grant grace that we can soon forgive,
No bitterness retain.

Strong and Mighty Warrior..of Grace

I am a sinner , Lord
though I am saved by Your abundant grace
As I walk in faith , with trusting steps ahead
Lord, it's You, I want to see, face to face.

Lord, as I come before Your throne
I come , wanting to worship at Your feet
Renewing my soul with newness of peace
Lord, I come to stand before Your Mercy Seat

I need to know more of You, Lord
Much more than I do right now
longing for Your presence to be made known
Before your Throne ,Lord , I come and bow.

Here I've come before You - as an offering
Lord Jesus , praise and glory lifted to Your Holy Name
Please take me just as I am
even in times when I need your cleansing rain

Please , O God, come tonight to fill me up
cleanse me with the Holy Spirit of truth
take me to the quiet place of rest
Oh Lord, tonight I need only You.

Father God, here I come before You , now
Humbly, I come with all my worship and praise
And , as I come into Your Dwelling Place, O Lord
it's there, I know I'm surrounded by Your saving Grace..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Painful Relationships

It takes a lot of polishing
To smooth the roughest stone,
And God will use those close to us
To be our grinding stone.

Our edges are so jagged
We often inflict pain,
And when our roughened edges meet
The sparks increase the strain.

God knew what He was doing
Though we have had our doubts,
He knew the friction it would take
To smooth rough edges out.

The smoothest pebbles bear His mark,
With roughness worn away,
It is the smoothest pebbles
That make the most headway.

Enter In..To His Dwelling Place

There is a Dwelling Place
Where God's Word says that I can come
It's found in the courts of Praise
Yes, it's found In Psalm 91

It was when I heard a still small voice
so soft and tender, and low
it was my God,this morning, who said to me
it's to my Dwelling Place, that you can a;ways go

Oh in the presence of my Holy God
His closeness makes me feel at home
and even in the darkness of life
I know hope is found in His Dwelling place, alone

Yes, it's in this place, you are right now
where My peace comes to bathe you in My love
the place where life is more than lived
it's in the dwelling of my love, that you'll find comfort from above

Oh yes, to live in God's Dwelling Place
a place of hope for all to see
Come to me, My child, and rest awhile
for its here, in my Dwelling Place, I long for you to be

Yes, Lord, in Your Dwelling Place
Your peace oh may it come and fill me anew
it's there in the Glory of your Holy Place
that Your Presence comes to fill me through and though

My morning prayer today, based on Psalms 84, and 91

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Psalm of His Dwelling Place

O Jesus, lead me to Thy Dwelling Place,
where shame and sorrow will not abound
Lead me to the place of rest, O Lord
Your Spirit of Truth to fully surround.

The truth to be who You say we are
the truth to stand tall in the Power of Your Might
Oh Lord, in the dwelling of your Beauty here,
Please come and hear my cry of Praise, to You, tonight.

Oh Jesus...In the Courts of Your Dwelling Place
To Your Majesty, I will raise my hands above .
The Dwelling of the Holy Spirit is near,
Oh Lord, we find rest in the Dwelling of Your Awesome Love.

Inspired by Psalm 84


Cement is very handy, It does all kinds of jobs
Solidifies your buildings and other bits and bobs
It gives a firmer footing , a wall around your place
Cement is truly wonderful, a Godly given brace.

Only if you mix with sand, and gravel for some strength
You get a strong consistency so it will last the length
By joining it with water, the process is complete
Ingredients in harmony, a team that’s hard to beat.

Foundations are important, they have to hold the weight
And God has got the muscles, to hold the building straight
A stream of living water, will make the mixture cure
Hold you upright in the winds, your life will be secure.

So give yourself to Jesus, the mix that is so tough
He has the way to keep you firm, when you are in the rough
The pressures may be mounting, buffeted by the gales
He will keep your building strong, you’ll live to tell the tale.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Beautiful

How beautiful are the feet of those
who walk into God's Perfect Light
His Spirit of joy transformed by His Mighty Hand
Oh how His beauty is such a Heavenly sight!

Yes, He is Christ, the Holy One
His Love leads us from sin to redeeming Grace
Following His Word, and Perfect steps
His Peace shines down upon our Face.

So when our faith comes in hearing His Truth
of just what we mean to Him alone
We are beautifully transformed by His Mighty Power
as His Love reigns on high from the Glorious Throne

Hallelujah to the King of Kings
we lift our hearts and voice in Praise
All Glory and Majesty to the Holy One
Oh yes, our voices in song we raise!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Mirror of His Love

Only God creates a union,
A love that can endure,
Love that can ride the stormy clouds,
Commitment still ensure.

It's God that caused the two to meet,
Love's arrow He let fly,
And when the two are joined in Him
Their love will fill the sky.

It's God who holds their future,
In Him all needs are met,
With Him as their foundation
Tomorrow is no threat.

For marriage is God's pattern,
A mirror of His love,
For all that's lovely, all that's true
Is given from above.

My Ever Present Praise

Jesus is my ever present Helper,
He is my ever present Joy
He is my ever present Father
In the King's Service, I am gratefully , employed

I look to Him for life's answers
and I look to Him for things that I might need
I look to the Father so I can praise Him
because He came for me, to love, and redeem

Yes, Jesus is my ever present Father
Whose heart is giving and secure
He comes to surround me with His Presence
and gives me Strength and Hope to endure

I will praise You in the Morning
Oh my Savior, You are near
I lift my hands in Honor of Your Greatness
Oh King Jesus, let my praise be all that You hear!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Father's Whispered Promise

My God gives me strength and courage
when the path ahead grows steep and rough
and because He is my Loving Father
He knows when I've had quite enough

He gives grace to walk through each valley
yes, my God gives grace to carry on
He gives a thread of hope to always cling to
as He sings this Fathers gentle song :

My Child, I know that you are weary
and I know your strength has finally been worn out
Just lean not in your own understanding
For that's not what faith is all about

For I will :
Give you strength to stand in the darkness
Oh yes, My hope I give to see beyond the fear
Look to me - ahead in this journey
For its there, the Holy Spirit will draw near

His truth spoken in a whispered promise
that He'll never leaves us as He holds us tight
and just as a child is held closer to its Mother
Our Heavenly Father will hold us closer in the night

He gently leans to where my face is
as my Father looks me in the eyes
He holds out his arms to one who needs His Loving
as He gently sings this Fathers lullaby:

My child , I know that you are weary
and I know your strength has finally been worn out
Just lean not in your own understanding
For that's not what faith is all about

Just lean on me, your Heavenly Father
the One that loves you deeper than the ocean sea
feel My comfort as I surround you in your journeys
Child, my peace I give to you, wherever you might be.