Friday, July 31, 2009

No God?

Ps 14:1 "The fool says in his heart 'There is no God'."

No God?
Though countless blazing spheres
stud endless space
on nothing hung,
and secret glories hide
where man will never see?

No God?
Though life in multitudinous forms
bursts ceaselessly from earth
and in all its needs
meets function apt for it?

No God?
Though unessential beauty
the universe pervades
and fools
have mind enough
to doubt their own reality?

Is it not, rather,
No! God!
No! I will not bow!
No! I will not serve!
No! I will not obey!
No! I will not believe!
For belief demands surrender:
No! God!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jesus, the Foundation of my Faith

Lord , lead me to Your firm foundation
to know where I can always stand
where I will find my strength to focus
Lord, wherever you lead me in this land

The firm foundation of my faith
may it be where I know I can always go
and when in times that I need You most
Lord, may You be all that I will know

Take me to that foundation of peace
when I am to weary to even speak
Lord, in Your timing may I rise again
but today it's You, I've come to seek

Please rise me up - Oh King of Kings!
let Your firm foundation be settled under me
help me to plant my feet on Your solid ground
Oh God, may Your strength come and encircle me

Yes, your firm foundation - a solid place
where the enemy can not tear me down
Lord, place Your hand upon my mind, and soul
Oh God, let your foundation of strength come to surround

Yes, rise me up and help me stand
Your place of strength, Oh lead me too
Yes, Lord the Mighty Rock You are
What a firm foundation, I've found in you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Wife

I love you fully, as my heart so often testifies.
I love you wholly, as my soul so often verifies.
I love you deeply, as my mind so often ratifies.
I love you more, when I gaze into your eyes.

I need you fully, as my heart so often swells.
I need you wholly, as my soul so often tells.
I need you deeply, as my mind so often delves.
I need you more, every time with you I dwell.

I want you fully, as my heart so often burns.
I want you wholly, as my soul so often yearns
I want you deeply, as my mind so often learns.
I want you more, every year the seasons turn.

I thank God fully, as my heart so often rings.
I thank God wholly, as my soul so often sings.
I thank God deeply, as my mind so often clings.
I thank God more, for every day He brings.

By Tom Valles

Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives,
just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her,” NASB

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Now that I have your undivided attention
May I take a moment to ask a few questions?
My riddles may possibly drive you to drink
But their answers may actually cause you to think

Would you walk off a cliff? Onto rocks would you fall?
Would you wrestle a bear that’s eleven feet tall?
Would you stand in the path of an oncoming train
And hope to escape with a head free of pain?

Would you trustingly kiss upon lips full of malice?
Or knowingly sip from a poisonous chalice?
Would you exit a plane from ten thousand feet high
Packed with no more than a suit and a tie?

Now if logic holds sway then your answers should flow
But if still you don’t get it, the answer is NO
To clear your confusion, I’ll ask you two more
So batten the hatches and bolt the back door

Might wisdom be found in an army of ants
Who attacked their own queen and annulled their own chance?
Might folly surround a small branch of a tree
That broke from its’ trunk in a quest to be free?

Some fights are worth fighting. Some quests worth pursuing
But is throwing your life away really worth doing?
We often fight battles against all the odds
And pride led one angel to fight against God

He exalted himself and he made it well known
That he thought that his own rump belonged on the throne
He told many lies and some took up his cause
To do battle in heaven and take it by force

But you see God made the heavens with power and might
And God with one breath gave that angel his life
That devils defiance is almost brain numbing
his cause is now crushed and his justice is coming

What chance do WE have if we strive on our own
And we wrestle that bear without help, all alone?
Without God we are branches that fall to the ground
Thrown out from His orchard to never be found

If you’re striving alone in this world of hard knocks
And you stand on the cliff and look down at the rocks
You can turn right around and reach out to the One
Who still thinks you’re a winner, whatever you’ve done

So take heart on the plane and step back from the train
Your wonderful maker has called out your name
Whatever your plight and wherever you roam
Love Him, don’t fight Him and He’ll bring you home

Sunday, July 5, 2009


In the freedom of our nation
we find hope to walk our land
May we find courage and allegiance
as we walk together, hand in hand.

May we find freedom in the valleys
and safety in the skies
and as we find a path to walk in daylight
may Gods peace illuminate our blinded eyes.

And in our stepping out with choices before us
where we must choose right or wrong
It's in Gods Word we find all the answers
when we need strength when we need to be strong.

So with the freedom to become independent
my prayer today is that we see God for what He's done
and , as we choose to do the things we know are right
our lives will show why our freedom has been won.

May we all speak the truth to others
of the cost that Jesus had to pay
and that when our lives are seen by others
it's then when we can stand up to say:

Yes, I will stand up for my Father
yes, its to Jesus I will always see
as He gave His life for my Independence
its Him where my allegiance will always be.

Yes, I will stand up for the right
sharing my faith and all that I believe
and its only because of Jesus dying
that I have freedom to receive.

Friday, July 3, 2009

God and Country

Any of you have any patriotic poems with Christian themes? Feel free to share them for the 4th of July! I know several of our writers don't live in the U.S., but you still might have a poem about God and country to share.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Shower of Blessings

Though I've never " gone without " in my lifetime
or now, have many houses or cars to call my very own
I am blessed, yet , in all the things I've been given
and, its all because of Jesus Christ, alone.

He has given me such abundance
with every thing that I might ever need
while showing me how to walk in faith and trusting
while my faith grows stronger than a tiny mustard seed.

Yes, my God is a God of blessings
He teaches me about His abundant Love
And while He showers me with His Kindness
He also lets me know, all I have, comes from Him above.

So when I think I need more provision
and I feel life's ends will never meet
I know our Lord is my Jehovah Jireh
and all I have to do is leave my prayers at Jesus' feet

And He will hear my prayers in asking
while listening for my praise to reach his heart
and when I acknowledge that He is my Great Provider
it 's then His awesome blessings will then begin to start.

That's when His love, and joy comes flowing
when peace settles deep into my heart and soul
and going without the things I think I need
reminds me, that only Jesus will make me full.

Yes, my God is a God of Blessing
Oh how He provides such deep abundant Love
And while He showers me with Riches of His Glory
His Fullness lets me know what Heaven will be like up above.