Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crimson Flow

Red reminds me of how He
Bled on calvary
Head topped with crown of thorns
Shed His life's blood for me

Defend your growing faith
Depend on His grace
Extend a message of hope
Befriend with love's embrace

Raise your lovely voice
Praise Him in joyful song
Always make Him your choice
Gaze upon His beauty

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Freedom in Christ

Deceived, they march, time is not on their side
Under millions of banners with no-one to guide
They search with false hope
Through the fog and the smoke
And are being swept away on deaths tide

Their convictions and dreams are enveloped in night
They all reach for bright colors but can't see the light
In their lust and their sham
They forget who I Am
And abandon their heaven bound flight

Who has lied to my children? Who has led them astray?
I call out their names but you steal them away
From your pride at the start
I have known your black heart
For your treacherous crimes you will pay

With their days growing short, still they flock to death row
Holding the dice but unwilling to throw
If they just turn and face me
Or dare to embrace me
I will clear every debt that they owe

They need to draw closer, know what I have done
They know evolution but don't know my Son
Who will turn them about?
Who will stand up and shout
A new song of a victory won?

Who will tell them that Christ has now settled their fees?
He purchased their lives with his blood on a tree
Through dark shadows there shines
A great light for mankind
That will set all who turn to it free

Freedom from hatreds that bind all that's true
If they're washed in his blood then all things become new
Freed from their shame
If they live by his name
And love him in all that they do

Who will go to my children and tell them they're saved?
They are free now from guilt. Yes! Their sins have been waived
If they turn from that road
I will carry their load
A new path laid with gold I will pave

A message to all who the world has enticed
There's a seat at my table - Your love is its' price
But the places are few
And are limited to
All those who have freedom in Christ

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lord Has Spoken

Before the creation, there was darkness and deep
There was nothing around, not awake nor asleep
No land was in sight, no countries or borders
God's Spirit was hovering over the waters

Then God opened his mouth and said "Let there be light"
The sounds left his lips and creation took flight
A great light appeared and then God said "OK
I'll call the dark night and I'll call the light day

God saw it was good and he winked at his Son
"Too much water all in the one place 'aint much fun
We'll leave some below and we'll put some up high
The bit in-between, we'll call it the sky"

There was water below - there was plenty to see
Then God said "What next? Let's see, what will it be?
Let's bring up dry ground and we'll call it the land
The sea will surround it and it will be grand"

God spoke on day three - day two was so good
"We'll make a few trees, we can make them from wood
Some plants and some fruit and each one with a seed
Some sun and some water is all that they'll need"

God saw what he'd made and he thought it was fine
"Now let's fill up the sky and we'll teach it to shine
The sun by the day, so warm and so bright
The moon and a few million stars by the night"

On the fifth, God looked down from heaven on high
He checked out the water and looked at the sky
"Let's fill them with fish and some birds that can fly
They'll splash and they'll flap and they'll all multiply

Now the sky had its' birds and the sea had its' creatures
The land had its' plants and its' wonderful features
It was all very good - God was far from upset
But he said to his Son "Well we 'aint finished yet"

God spoke again and then more life appeared
From insects to cows and a goat with a beard
Big cats and dinosaurs covered the deck
and a strange looking one with a really long neck

God was so happy with all he had done
But the greatest of all of his works was to come
"We'll make them like us and they'll rule the whole land
and I'll love all my children with all that I Am"

At the end of six days, the Lord's work was complete
On the seventh he rested and put up his feet
"I'll call this day holy and it will be blessed
I'll call it the Sabbath, the day of my rest

Next time that you look at a tree or a bird
Remember the power God has in his Word
He speaks and it happens, no messing about
and when he comes back, it will be with a SHOUT!