Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Living in the Moment of Spontaneity

Jesus, Your peace touched my heart and all things become new
Peace spreads thru my spirit of your encouragement, joy, and rest.
Through your Word, your offer of Life reaches to me
Opening my heart to Joy of praising, the absolute best!

You are my Love, Jesus, so powerful and strong
Showing my spirit of things, both right and wrong.
God, please fill me with wisdom, guiding me every step of the way
Keep sharing with me your joy; help me bask in it every single day.

Experiencing you, Lord now as the sun shines bright
It gives me strength to stand after a difficult night.
Draw near to me Jesus, with my "pain " so clear
I need more of You, oh Lord, please come near..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to Christian Poet's Pen!

Welcome to Christian Poet's Pen, the blog for poets who write from a Christian perspective. If you would like to be a contributing poet, please post a couple of your poems in the Comments section below any post on the main page so we can see a little of your work. Also be sure to provide some contact information so we have a way to invite you. Thank you for your interest!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Journey of Healing

Today,there has been rest in the Father after a great time of weeping. In that weeping, comes peace as I know He will continue to lead those I love dearly, into a place of grace, and healing - just as He has promised . This poem just seemed to be needed .. not for myself, or anyone specific, but could be for us all when we are journeying out of wounding that seems unbearable..

With heavy hearts we lay our burdens down
and we fall into the arms of Father above
and as we struggle to take every breath
Jesus will shelter us in His perfect love.

And even in this burden strong
and with questions that long for truth
even heavy with all our emotions raw
the Word of God is where we find His proof

Though life doesn't make our pain go away
in fact, sin makes it heavier than ever before
but as we rest in the arms of God
He whispers "Come",as He meets us at mercies door.

The door where My healing will be found
and deep peace will settle deep into your heart
but even though it takes faith to trust right now
Child, freedom from sin means you need to start

So rise up in strength that I have given you
though you don't believe you can do it all again
yes, Child, even when though broken and weak
you will find redemption over all shame and sin

So, come to me, and rest now in peace
remembering, I created you to be the Child I know
don't worry about all that others say or think of you
Child, just believe I will be with you wherever you need to go.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Essence of Valentines

I know this isn't terribly deep or spiritual, but I had a poem published for Valentine's Day on another site, and I thought I would share the link here for those who might want to read it:

The Essence of Valentines

Anyone else have an appropriate Valentine's poem to share? That should be our theme for early February, so think of one to post!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Evening Song

When you cannot close your eyes
and you think you can't keep going on
the peace of God comes surrounding you
and fills your heart with His healing song

You will find peace in this valley
you will find tender loving care
you will find hope for all your troubles
you will find my God is waiting there

When you can't seem to see ahead
what I can clearly see for you
just rest in My arms of Love
as I have my work set out to do

For you will find My peace in this valley
you will find my Presence waiting there
you will find hope for all your days
I am a God whose love for you, I share.

Nestle into my comfort, Child
feel my gaze upon your face
be still and know I will hold you close
come to my Side, a healing place.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jesus, the Mighty Standing Oak

Like a mighty standing oak,
whose limbs stretch up to the sky
a trunk thickened with age old scars
reaching up to the Heavens high..

Like that mighty old oak tree
Jesus, you are the One that stretches me
you take my life, thick with age old scars
and in death, you now, have set me free

Taking my sin ,and hardened heart
strengthening it with life giving power
my soul, my core, my very life
Lord, in me, You are the High Standing Tower.

Your canopy of mercy, Lord
with Your fullness below and up above
Our shelter from life's trials and pain
Lord, you reach us with your Everlasting love.

And, just like a mighty Oak, Lord God
Your love looks out to those of us around
above the things that we cant see beyond
Your Powerful grace, for us, to surround..

Rise up, in me, Lord, a Stand of faith
where life will not break or tear me down
Like that mighty standing oak tree, Lord
You live because of the Cross, and an "age old " Crown!