Saturday, July 31, 2010

Faith is a Journey

Faith is trusting as a small child
In a Savior meek and mild.
Others forsake me and flee
Yet God is always with me.

Faith involves a huge leap
Over a chasm wide and deep.
It's getting down on my knee
Even when His answers I can't see.

Faith is a perpetual journey
Until He sets me free
From earthly cares and trials.
He's traveled with me many miles.

Faith is giving my life completely
To a God who loves me absolutely.
He's given me the greatest gift
And daily my soul He does uplift.

Faith is a marathon race
Sometimes I go at snail's pace.
Never from Him will I roam
As I travel on to my heavenly home.

Judy Wood

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Through The Valley

You walk through the valley
So dark and so deep,
The low clouds oppress you,
The mountain is steep.

No faith can you muster,
No will to go on,
You're desperate and needy
And wish to be gone.

You'd love to sprout wings
And fly far away,
Yet you know you are trapped
And here you will stay.

Come into His presence
Releasing your care,
The load will be lifted
As you wait in prayer.

God knows your desire,
He knows you are weak,
Confess your frustration,
The future that's bleak.

His presence brings comfort,
Refreshment like rain,
His Spirit works in you
Releasing the strain.

He helps you remember
What He's brought you through
The troubles behind you,
The giants He slew.

He'll give you fresh courage
And strength to endure,
His presence is with you,
Your future is sure.

"The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you." Psalm 9:9-10 (NIV)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nail Fixed

Fastened by the steel
Of Jesus Christ’s devotion,
The devil can’t repeal
The plan God put in motion.

Pierced by what He did
When Jesus took the cross;
My life in Christ is hid
And eternal death is lost.

Driven by amazement
That Jesus thought of me.
My hope cannot be fazed,
“I am crucified with Thee!”

Staked upon a sacred hand
When sinners raised Him up.
Condemnation couldn’t stand
When Mercy took the “cup.”

Pounded sure, the nails attest
His love is here to stay.
And just to put all doubts to rest
He died with them that way.


Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me. NASB

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jesus You Are

A Songbird that brings sweet
Melody into my wistful heart
The savory spice which adds
Zest to my lonely days

The exquisite flowers on a hillside
That bring beauty and delight
Living and cooling water
A tonic to revive and refresh

The master teacher of knowledge
And I, the adoring student at your feet
Light that illuminates my night
Guiding me through raging storms.

A king adorned in purple robe
And I'm your beloved servant
The strong citadel that protects
Me from all dark and evil forces

My loving Savior, your scarlet blood
Flowing from your brow and side
Sweet nectar of forgiveness that
Brings abundant joy to my soul.

Judy Wood

Monday, July 26, 2010

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Heaven Is Silent

Heaven is silent
As my spirit groans,
When troubles surround
And I feel so alone.

No praises, no anthems,
I watch in dismay,
How could God allow this,
My hopes all betray?

Is He just too busy
To hear all my pleas,
Or lifting in anger
His Spirit from me?

Depression weighs heavy,
There seems no relief,
My prayers hit the ceiling
As I pray in my grief.

Yet I know that God loves me
And He never lies,
He watches the sparrow
And hears my faint cries.

This too He will conquer,
One day bring relief,
He sees that I suffer
And shake like a leaf.

My spirit weighs heavy,
I groan in my pain,
This too He will use
And it is not in vain.

My heart's filled with sorrow,
I spend all my days
Just waiting for answers
As my spirit prays.

And yet heaven's silent,
I feel so betrayed,
The enemy whispers
And I am afraid.

In the depths of my soul
I know God is real,
He's promised His presence
Whatever I feel.

This testing, this trial,
Is part of His plan,
And though He may tarry
I'm safe in His hand.

All pain has a purpose
And at His command,
Though now for a moment
I don't understand.

He's paid for my future,
His blood paved the way,
My ears hear the echoes
Of heav'n...come what may.

"If I called and He answered me, I could not believe that He was listening to my voice. For He bruises me with a tempest and multiplies my wounds without cause." Job 9:16-17 (New American Standard Bible)

"I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth." Job 19:25 (New International Version Bible)

"But He knows the way that I take (He has concern for it, appreciates, and pays attention to it). When He has tried me, I shall come forth as refined gold (pure and luminous)." Job 23:10 (Amplified Bible)

Monday, July 19, 2010

What Would Jesus Do?

Would He live in isolation
Ignoring human need,
Or give what is no sacrifice
Some hungry mouth to feed...

A little out of plenty
While He lives on in ease,
Or personally become involved
To free men from disease?

Would He just send a gift or two
And no commitment make,
Or would compassion fill His heart
And other things forsake?

It isn't always easy
To hear the Master's voice,
But once His heart's revealed to us
There is no further choice.

We're called to follow in His steps,
To bear our cross and go,
Whatever is God's task for us
If we but ask, we'll know.

We do not want to see the needs
But help is overdue,
Yet, after all, we're only one...
Is that what He would do?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Our Weaknesses

We see our limitations
As things to overcome...
The handicaps that hold us back,
That seem so troublesome.

If we could be delivered,
The weaknesses depart,
There'd be much more that we could do,
More work to have a part.

And yet it's in our weakness
That His sure strength shines through,
It's in the pain, the grief, the tears
We find His grace is true.

We learn that in our weakness
We can on Him depend,
And often through those weaknesses
His love to others send.

We cannot hope to comfort
If we have known no pain,
It's through the shadows of our lives
That we have truly gained.

Our hearts have learned to focus,
To soak in His dear love,
To trust Him in the darkest night
And see the light above.

It's often in our weaknesses
God's power can thus shine through,
Our strength are often hindrances
To what our God can do.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Life Is God's Production

How long, oh Lord, must this go on,
It is so hard to wait,
My life is Your production
A play that You create.

Depression hovers in the wings
And wants to come on stage,
But by Your Holy Spirit
You guide me through each page.

Discouragement's to play no role,
The cast You pre-select,
And though life's trials play a part,
The ending You direct.

My lines are but to trust You,
To watch and persevere,
The script is held within Your hands
Though shadows linger near.

So, Lord, I choose to trust You
For You this play produce,
And this is but one act, one scene,
You'll put to some good use.

I will not trust my senses,
I'll follow, Lord, Your script,
For each scene has a purpose,
No act can thus be skipped.

Dark shadows still may linger
Beyond the gleam of lights,
But when the curtain closes
I'll rise to holy heights.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wings Of Faith

Not plunging to its peril
This tiny baby bird,
But forced to learn the art of flight
For this the nest was stirred.

A seeming drop from heaven
It learns to try its wings,
It has not been abandoned,
To aid the parent springs.

Some "test runs" may be needed,
But confidence is learned,
And soon it finds it is equipped
To soar as it has yearned.

It takes some outside pressure
To stir us from our nest,
Equipped yet fearfully we plunge
To put faith to the test.

We too are not abandoned,
Our Father is nearby,
Far more equipped than we believe
He gave us wings to fly.

We often feel we can't survive
The height from which we fall,
But if our nest had not been stirred
We would not soar at all.

"Dear friends, God the Father chose you long ago and knew you would become his children. And the Holy Spirit has been at work in your hearts cleansing you with the blood of Jesus Christ and making you to please him. May God bless you richly and grant you increasing freedom from all anxiety and fear." I Peter 1:2 (The Living Bible)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poem: On God's Mountain

To be on your mountain top
with an elevated view,
could my chances increase
for getting a glimpse of You?

Standing barefoot in your presence
before a burning bush consumed,
would your glory envelop me
as a spiritual womb?

Moses saw your backside,
but show me instead your face and eyes.
Having direct interaction with you
should cause my faith to be revised.

Conquering obstacles of Life
via a mountainous climb,
while developing a personal relationship
help makes the upward trek sublime.

From my book: Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
The ISBN is: 1-4196-5051-3

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

Poem: Prone to Error

Challenges in Life are meant to be,
assisting us to reach maturity.
For our reaction to circumstance
marks personal growth beyond luck and chance.
Proven is our ability to learn,
expanding mental constraints as hearts burn.
Walking in upright, godly perfection
complements Jehovah's desire for Man's compassion.
The lasting goal is surely not religious fervor,
but moving past our fallen state of being...
Prone to error.

From my book: Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
The ISBN is: 1-4196-5051-3

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

God Wastes Nothing

I thank you, Lord, not for the pain
But that Your love redeems,
I know that I must walk through this
As heavy as it seems.

But when I think I can't go on,
The pain is so intense,
It's then You whisper in my soul,
"Of this I will make sense."

This too You'll use to help someone,
In this I'll give You praise,
I'll gladly bear the price of pain
If this Your hand displays.

For in my weakness You are strong,
This pain is not in vain,
For You waste nothing in my life,
Myself and others gain.

So though I ask for healing,
I want Your plan far more,
For in the center of Your will
There's peace forevermore.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

God Bless America

God bless America,
This country built by grace,
Restore the faith that made her great
That she might seek Your face.

Forgive the self-reliance,
Rejection of Your Word,
And grant us the desire
To let Your voice be heard.

No longer do we stand with pride
To bear Your holy name,
For "Christian" now's so widely used
It doesn't mean the same.

Forgive us, Lord, we've wandered far,
Restore us by Your grace,
For You, Lord, first established us,
Redeem this fallen race.

Restore to us Your conscience,
Desire to follow You,
Renew our land that we again
Your principles pursue.

Pour out Your Spirit on our land,
Your mercy may we know,
And in humility we ask
That strength and wisdom grow.

A special blessing, Lord, we ask
For those who rule and lead,
Reveal Your wisdom and Your grace
That Your work may succeed.

We thank You for our country,
This land that You've made great,
With You as our foundation
May love replace all hate.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Emotional Boundaries

There's necessary boundaries
When with the other sex,
Restricting deepest feelings
In marriage God directs.

Relating feelings paves the way
For tender, sweet communion,
And sharing with the other sex
Can break the marriage union.

For we are truly intimate
When we ourselves disclose,
And flesh too often walks the path
That intimacy sows.

True wisdom builds a fence around
An aching, lonely heart,
For from this tiny stepping stone
An avalanche can start.

Emotions are the basis
For two becoming one,
And when we open up our hearts
All others we must shun.

For God has joined together
In body, mind, and soul,
We dare not open up the gate
Another to console.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Divine Handprints

This extra weight I carry
Is not, dear Lord, from You,
The agitation, restlessness,
Mean I'm not trusting You.

I'm reverting to old habits,
The worry and the doubt,
As if the problem's mine to fix
And I can work it out.

But You, Lord, have the answers,
You have not lost control,
And as I simply rest in You
This will not take a toll.

I need not fear the outcome,
It's safely in Your hand,
For everything I am or own's
Provided by Your hand.

When Satan hurls these anxious darts,
I will not even wince,
For in the problems that I face
I see Divine handprints.