Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back To The Front

As I watch through smoke filled eyes
And strive to peer through clouds of black
I scan the East and Western skies
And brace against the next attack

The few of us that still remain
Rally to defend our keep
Some wonder if it’s all in vain
For most, conviction’s running deep

We hammer dents out of our shields
We sharpen swords and check supplies
We turn to face the war-torn fields
Our enemy is on the rise

The flaming darts come driving through
Our shields we lift to stay the blows
We yell defiance, though we’re few
And stand up tall to fit our bows

Returning fire, we loose our flight
Our arrows punching fast and low
With words of God, they take our fight
And slam into our deadly foe

The ranks of black recoil in fear
They flee the power and its’ source
Though hatred drives them ever near
In vain they march to reinforce

The distance yields a cry for aid
A broken creature tries to run
We leave defence behind to raid
And lift our swords to save just one

We break our lines and dash towards
Paying no heed to Sirens’ song
Our flag reveals The Lord of Lords
We smash into the darkened throng

We find the one whose soul was lost
An empty husk, a wretched waif
She’s done with evil and its’ cost
She’s searching for a haven safe

We enfold her in a ring of steel
And cover up her naked plight
Our foes resist with fervent zeal
And strike to halt her desperate flight

We rush her back to safety’s keep
And teach her of her life, the lie
She knows now that she’s been asleep
She marvels with an opened eye

She marvels at the love around
The friends, the Church, the place called home
The forgiving grace that’s so profound
She marvels that she’s not alone

Arising from a cleansing stream
Her sin and guilt are washed and gone
Dressed in white, her eyes agleam
Her loving Saviour gazing on

She grabs a shield, picks up a spear
And wraps herself in Holy Word
Armed with His sword she holds no fear
Her steel resolve no longer blurred

She marches hard and leaves the Keep
Even though the war is won
She joins me in the trenches deep
The sounds of battle raging on

With vigour we defend our prize
Waiting for that day avowed
When angels’ armies fill the skies
And Jesus comes on Heavens' clouds

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Go For Coffee

I forgot how great the gift;
To linger there with loved ones.
Fragrant coffee, tepid sips
Brewed sacred talks and fellowship.

Those were days my soul grew rich,
By the time I spent with you.
Those were moments that I cherish,
There the gift of time shined through.

Though inexpensive and so simple,
To “go for Coffee” meant so much!
It was time ordained for us,
To reconnect and stay in touch.

How great a bond a cup can mold,
To talk until our coffee’s cold.
Even doodles drawn on napkins,
Could years later, value hold.

I thank the Lord for simple moments,
Like draining coffee pots with you.
These were gems in plain disguise;
Where the wealth of life arises.

So if there’s someone that you love,
Take their hand, and go for coffee.
Go out and bring up stories told,
Build memories that won’t grow old.


I John 1: 7 “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.”

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Truth Be Told

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God
And when the Word spoke, it was a good time to nod

When a sound left His lips, all things paused to hear
Then exclaim with delight as a new thing appeared

The Father and Son worked together in splendor
The Spirit was moving – they had an agenda
A love infused thought followed by a decree
No buttons to press, just the words “Let there be………”

The Heavens were born with a thought then a sound
They were put in their place and by laws they were bound
More words that escaped brought the universe forth
He spoke some things South and sent others up North

He thought of a sun and an orbiting rock
From the heart of His hearts He imagined a flock
With a light in His eyes and His mouth for the tool
He furnished a world and He told us to rule

When His word comes to light, the outcome is sure
The Almighty declares it - there is no detour
Though Heaven and Earth may fall to decay
His word is eternal and won’t pass away

When we’d messed it all up and to start us afresh
He sent us His Son and The Word was made flesh
He spoke and He told us, He talked and He said
If you pick up the bible, it’s written in red

The Word told us how to escape from Fort Knox
Of our journey to Heaven and our stumbling blocks
Of a love that assures that we don’t walk alone
Of a pardoning grace that is calling us home

He gave us the handbook, the decree of The Lord
If you live the wrong way then you’ll fall on your sword
He said not to let the devil persuade us
He used the same voice as He did when He made us

That wonder filled voice that tells stars how to burn
That power filled voice that makes galaxies turn
That wisdom filled voice that declares right from wrong
The voice of our God that sets angels to song

It’s a light to our path and a lamp to our feet
A word for all time and it’s still on the street
The kind of advice that no money can buy
Your ticket to freedom, no word of a lie

As concrete is poured, thus shall concrete then set
And the Lord doesn’t give us His word to forget
Or to twist or to shape or to suit the new age
It’s the purest of truth and can never be changed