Saturday, October 31, 2009


Beneath the mask you’re wearing,
There lies a crumpled heap,
A mass of contradictions,
That you're desperate to keep,
If only people knew you,
A heap of sin and shame,
They would surely shun you,
They wouldn't be to blame.

As you keep on sinking,
Into this pit of guilt,
The devil has the victory,
With all the lies he's built,
God doesn't want to know you,
He wouldn't waste His time,
So carry on your life of fear,
Slide deeper in the slime.

God loves you very deeply,
He wants to hold you near,
To bring light to your darkness,
And banish all your fear,
Through Jesus you have power,
To change your sense of worth,
And be just as He wants you,
His child of joy and mirth.

Here I Am to Worship.. Here I am to Praise

Lord, here I am to love You
here I am to praise -
Lord, here I am to bring Honor
O God, here are my hands to You , I raise

Speak Your Words of Truth , Lord
O Lord, open my heart to hear
Yes, here I am to Worship
Lord, in me, may the Holy Spirit draw near

I bring You all my praise , Lord
I humbly lift my eyes to the Throne
even in the darkness - O Lord
I know Your Glory is forever , shown

For Holy is Your Name , O Lord
Yes, the Name of Jesus to be lifted high
I come to praise You, the King of Kings
yes, I'll Praise You - until all time passes by

The Architect

The architecture of my life
Is one designed by Him,
The joy I feel in His design
Has filled me to the brim.

Inside my heart is altered
Though it's still incomplete,
And yet I see the change in me
And I will not retreat.

Fear's been replaced by His love,
A peace that comforts me,
A shelter built within His arms
To which I often flee.

New tenderness for others,
Compassion for the lost,
A patience that I find in Him
Which I cannot exhaust.

I find I can show mercy,
For I His grace have known,
How can I criticize their wrongs
When He's erased my own?

God's given me new purpose,
Fulfillment deep inside,
When through my life He's others touched,
My soul is satisfied.

I welcome His attentions,
His work in my behalf,
I want His handiwork displayed
Signed with His autograph.

So help me, Lord, to trust You
As You reshape inside,
To make within my heart Your home,
A place You can reside.

Two Beams..One Mercy.. One Grace

Standing on a hill were two beams called Mercy and Grace
Yes, an old rugged cross that ordained the sky
It is on that hill where Jesus asks us to come
To the Cross - where He died for you , and I.

It was there that our sin nailed Jesus to the Cross
His body , held by nails to those wooden beams
Crowned, " King of Jews ", as his head was adorned
But it was Jesus, the Savior , who came to Redeem

His body - yes broken , on that old wooden cross
Yet He went, even knowing our sin , the reason why
As He gave His life as a sacrifice for us all
The cross - Praise God, only a means for his body to die

For when His breath was taken one last time
and His body no longer living as a man
it was there on the Cross - on that lonely hill
that Jesus Christ became the " Great I Am "!

Yes, a Royal Crown was made for our King
adorned in jewels bright and rare
for it was made for the Holiest of All
Yes, it was made for my Redeemer to wear

Friday, October 30, 2009


I was not seeking healing
For You had given peace,
I was content to live with pain
Until You brought release.

Through pain You've drawn me closer,
I've learned to seek Your face,
For through the troubles of my life
I've felt Your sweet embrace.

But then one night You told me
My healing is Your will,
Now I'm content to watch and wait
Until this You fulfill.

I know there's people You have touched
Whose healing is complete,
One touch from You and they were well,
Rejoicing at Your feet.

To others, Lord, You whisper,
A healing word reveal,
And though the healing's incomplete
The promise still is real.

Dear Lord, You've shown You love me,
I trust You in my pain,
And I'm content to wait for health
If through this others gain.

Help me to be a candle,
In pain let me burn bright,
And may the fire not destroy
But love for You ignite.

There is Healing

There is Healing for the tattered soul
a body , broken over time by the enemy's plan
And only God alone can bring true rest
and that's by the touch of His grace - filled ,hand

Resting in Him is the only way to find hope
as you come to lay down with the Lamb, and close your eyes
for that's when His Presence comes softly to cover all pain
and He sings over you , His soft and tender lullaby's

Yes, Jesus, bring me rest
Laying down at Your feet to be made complete , and whole
and because of the gentle soothing of a Father's Love today
I know Your complete healing will be for each tattered soul.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

When I am Weak.. He is Strong

Father God -
Here I come to You at Your throne
it is there that I realize I am not my own
Lord, help me stand strong, true and sure
Oh Lord, remove all fear, and help me to endure

Bring me to the place of rest
Lord, make me bold to stand for You
To sense Your deep peace as it has come
Lord, this I trust, because of all that You will do.

The world , O God, so ripe with sin
as the enemy keeps trying to break God's children down
but You alone are God and King
Lord, Your Holiness shown, by Your Robe and Crown

So this is what I choose to believe
Father , You are my Lord and King
and though times might be rough and fearful, Lord
All my Praise, and Honor to You, I bring.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Blossoming

He did not plant us on this earth
To manage on our own,
To let the weeds crop up and choke
The seed in us He's sown.

The blossom that He's promised
Does not come overnight,
It takes abiding in the Vine,
His nourishment invite.

The blossom is not given,
The fruit from it is grown,
The love, the peace, the patience
Within our hearts is sown.

Our ministry, our outreach,
Is not our main concern,
It's intimate attachment
Our spirits first must learn.

For we can't give to others
What we have never known,
It's in connection to the Vine
These seeds of fruit are sown.

The life-blood of the vineyard is
The love that comes from Him,
And when we're nourished by His love
The blossoming begins.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Cannot Win God's Love

It's not based on attainments,
It's not for what I do,
God loves me just the way I am
Not based on some review.

He loves me in the process,
Not waiting in disgust
For me to get my act in gear
Or leave me in the dust.

He sees my heart's intention,
The way I've tried and failed,
He sees the heights that I have climbed,
The walls that I have scaled.

I do not have to pass some test
To win His love and grace,
It's mine, a gift, and not a loan
Performance can erase.

Right here, right now, just as I am,
His love is always mine,
In gratitude I live for Him
No need to "toe the line".

Just Rest..

With the Spirit and the power
To God, this is my prayer that I bring
all my thoughts I lift to the heavens
Yes I've come before the Redeemer and King

Through times of trial, and or weakness
We know our Savior is always waiting there
bringing peace in the times of our darkness
surrounding us with His gentle love and care

He will come to meet you when your "quiet"
softening the heavy spirit you wear of the day
Our God will lift you up into the arms of His bosom
because our Abba hears the words of others who have prayed

So just come and rest in the presence of our Father
just soak in the Holy Spirit, and all He can do
even resting . in the heaviness of your spirit
because God is your Strength as He carries you through.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

I do not pray for wealth untold
Or beauty that will fade,
But for my children, gifts from You,
Who in my arms have laid.

Each one a special treasure,
Each one Your work of art,
Each one a rose not fully formed
Yet lovely from the start.

Strengthen by Your Spirit
And plant them in Your love,
Protect them from the enemy,
Reveal Your truth in love.

And as they blossom by Your hand
May Your grace be revealed,
So others, Lord, are drawn to You,
A harvest through them yield.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My God Reigns

From these mountain peaks to the lakes bottom floor
From the dense forest to hillside's open plains
Heavens above where clouds roll on by
I am reminded that this is the mystery of how God reigns

From the quiet sounds outside of a birds lonely cry
each sound a reminder of all that I've gained
from each battle fought this week, both day and night
Yes, I am reminded of the mystery of why God reigns

From what I left behind , to the thread of hope I have
from the cleansing of sin to redemption I have gained
From walking out of sin - heading to His state of Grace
Yes, I am reminded of the mystery of how my God reigns

Yes, my hope is in the One whose Thread remains
His Thread of Hope toughened me when in fear and pain
and bound with gratitude of all that He's done
I know I am reminded that my God will always Reign


If you understood the ceaseless love
I have in My heart for you
Love that forgives so many things
Through Jesus that I view
Then you would know that I chose you
With all the faults you carry
You are the one whom I adore
With you I want to tarry.

Perhaps you are afraid of Me
You think that I am stern
Look at Jesus, He is Me
My anger doesn't burn
I want to spend My time with you
Come quickly to My throne
I am your Father, you're My child
I can't leave you alone.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Emotional Boundaries

There's necessary boundaries
When with the other sex,
Restricting deepest feelings
In marriage God directs.

Relating feelings paves the way
For tender, sweet communion,
And sharing with the other sex
Can break the marriage union.

For we are truly intimate
When we ourselves disclose,
And flesh too often walks the path
That intimacy sows.

True wisdom builds a fence around
An aching, lonely heart,
For from this tiny stepping stone
An avalanche can start.

Emotions are the basis
For two becoming one,
And when we open up our hearts
All others we must shun.

For God has joined together
In body, mind and soul,
We dare not open up the gate
Another to console.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

God's Word ..My Strength

Beneath the cross of Jesus
Every knee of man will fall
With honor and praise I bring to you
Lord, its the Name of Jesus , whom I call

Lord, teach me to be just as You are
let me be gentle in word or deed
let me see those who are seeking You , Lord
even one , whose faith is as small as a mustard seed

Lord, with my mouth I want to Honor You
I raise my hands to offer You my humble praise
I come to look up to Christ alone
Oh God, you deserve my offering both night or day

Let me trust and remember , O Lord
Your Word - forever, strong and true
keep me surrounded in the heat of battle, O Lord
for it's there , I know I'll find my strength in only You.

Don't Give Me What I Ask For

Don't give me what I ask for,
Just give me what I need,
All wisdom rests within Your hands
In You, Lord, I'll succeed.

You see the whole, I see in part,
You always know what's best.
So do whatever You must do
To answer my request.

For often as I pray, dear Lord,
Mere words cannot express,
The longings deep within my heart
This tongue cannot address.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Why did you bother asking Me
To come into your life
Why did you bother asking Me
To help you with your strife
You let Me in your creaking door
And left Me in the hall
While all you did was shun My help
And built another wall

Do you want to honour Me
By opening your doors
Trusting in My healing hands
To soothe your weeping sores
Or do you want to be the ones
The world can call it’s own
Following the path to death
You reap what you have sown.

Manna From Heaven

Our struggles last a lifetime,
Each life encounters rain,
No matter what the stress or trial,
No one's exempt from pain.

But strength is given for each day,
God's manna for our need,
Sufficient for the day alone,
This day's is guaranteed.

Tomorrow's nourishment's not found,
Just manna for today,
For all we need He will provide
As we walk in His way.

The future is not ours to fear,
This day we look to Him,
And precious manna He provides,
Our needs, not every whim.

The secret to successful lives--
Our hands must open wide,
And heav'nly manna for each day
He'll graciously provide.

Passion in God's Eyes

Lord, in the fires of Your Holiness
May Thy Spirit come and surround in battle heat
May Your flames of love envelop me , O Lord
And, in You , may there be a strong and safe retreat

As I come humbled in Your Presence , Lord
please surround me with mercy and Your grace
I come , Lord Jesus - with this prayer of humbled offerings
My deepest desire, O Lord - to see Your Holy face

Draw me nearer , O God, in Your Presence
as I come to sit at the table of Your Feast
You - my Redeemer , and my Savior - who welcomes us
even those who feel they are the " least of the least ".

But your passion over all the earth to pursue me
over every road the enemy has taken me down
Lord , oh how faithful Your Love for me
yes, Your Passionate Love , for me, I have found.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eternity Awaits

They're only fleeting shadows,
These days of pain and stress,
And I can face for this short time
These moments of distress.

My hope is in the future,
Eternity awaits,
Though for a time the load I bear
Seems like such heavy weights.

God's given me perspective
To help me to endure,
Though trials enter for a time
To help me to mature.

For in my weakest moments
His strength will carry me,
And one sweet day I'll reign with Him
From weights I will be free.

Today will soon be over,
My future He creates,
No pain, no sorrow, no more tears,
Eternity awaits.

Hello God

Hello God,it's me again
I've learnt another way
To come into Your courts of praise
Each and every day
I've dropped all the pretending
My shopping list of greed
I aim to come, just as I am
A hopeless case, in need.

It's You I want, not just Your help
I've always missed the truth
I joined Your top insurance scheme
And then stood back, aloof
But now I know it's not enough
To hang around Your gate
I've got to get to know You Lord
Before it is too late.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Miracle of Faith

A miracle to calm the sea,
From water to make wine,
To raise the dead, restore to life,
Surely a work divine.

But faith becomes a miracle
When suffering we face,
When we accept it from God's hand
Though good we cannot trace.

But in the shadows yet unseen
We know He's still at work,
And so we walk in perfect peace,
Faith's tools do not shirk.

To say, "I'll drink this cup of pain
It's from my Father's hand,
For only beauty He creates,
One day I'll understand."

This miracle of faith is wrought
As we rest in God's hand,
Whatever tools He allows
Great beauty He has planned.

The highest form of faith is then
Acceptance of God's will,
Convinced He will transform all pain
We can at last be still.

The Sweet Exchange (written for H.O.)

In ostentatious grace,
My Lord hath set me free.
My bondage He replaced
With sugared liberty!

Set free from Satan’s chains,
My Lord sent sweet relief.
Forever I’ll proclaim:
My joy beyond belief!

He set this captive free,
This mourner now can sing.
He changed my chains of steel,
To cotton candy strings.

In His magnificence,
His saving was replete.
He spun deliverance:
Turned bitter into sweet.

My chains are cotton now
That has no hold on me.
Burdens are forgotten;
I taste His liberty!

By Tom Valles

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

Turning over a New Leaf

Lord, I am like...
A leaf blowing in the wind
Scattered here and there, never to return.
Never to leave.. Hanging tight to the familiar
The everyday pattern of existence.
Free to be who You say I am...
To sail across the sky, both far and near high or low.
Cool, crisp, sharp. Ready to meet Your day, Lord
Beginning its descent into my faith
Finding new horizons to settle upon
Finding new things to grasp onto. To let go of.
Leaves, crumbling, crumbled, crushed.
Many areas of uncertainty.
Broken pieces unknown to any other person.
Pain, hurt, frustration.
Turmoil turning to new growth.
New joy.. New ideas… New life… Jesus
Soft beauty, full of gold wanderlust
Yellow, brightness. Orange! Fulfillment!
Has it arrived yet for me to see and experience?
Has it sparkled with age, with indescribable beauty?
Has change turned to knowledge, pouring forth into?
Peace and love brought about to your sight?
New goals, new dreams. Could this be the new leaf?
Continuing to scatter here and there
But with new hope, new thoughts, new times ahead?
Old times of brokenness inside
Never to return, never to cause new pain.
A leaf never to be the same…

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Leaves of October

This poem was submitted to another site. I invite you to read it at:

The Leaves of October

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Money is a powerful drug
It tends to rule our life
Always handy when it's there
Absence causes strife
People live and die for it
There's never quite enough
What's the answer to it's lure
The power of the stuff.

All our needs have been provided
By His action on the cross
Perfect love will drive out fear
We only need to have One boss
Hand your money back to Him
With guidance learn to give
Then you'll surely have enough
To live a life you love to live.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jesus says..

Jesus says,
I see the tears run down your face
Is there something I can do for you ?
I want to come and take your pain
For I know just how much you're going through.

But I can't take the pain away
unless you open up , and let me know
All I ask is you give it to Me now
and trust I'll be here wherever you go

I'm like the rain that brings fresh air
and after a storm, like a birds whistling that you hear
but you need to come to the foot of the Cross
for that is where you'll see Me standing near

Just remember Child that I love you so much
and in time you will begin to know and understand
that the pain you feel right now , is not from me
but your healing is what you'll know I have planned

I know its hard to carry on
your heart is heavy once again
but Child, its not you that holds this shame
for you are freed from your old life of darkened sin

Remember, My blood has washed you clean and pure
Oh how my heart rejoices in the love I have for you
So rise up with faith of an eagle that soars
and know My strength is here to always carry you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Who meted out the heavens,
Counted the stars in space,
The solar system's whose design?
Who set the moon in place?

Who laid the earth's foundation?
Where does the dark reside?
Who sends the lightning on its way?
Who orders out the tide?

Who sees the smallest sparrow fall?
Causes the rose to bloom?
Who counts the hairs upon your head?
Who formed you in the womb?

And yet you cannot trust Me?
I know not what to do?
I can control the universe
But not what troubles you?

Do you not know, have you not heard,
My love for you is great?
And I am God Almighty,
I make the crooked straight.


And find in life a better way,
a fresh gait on narrow path
that leads to gold.
And see before and not behind,
and touch the delicate waft of heaven
beyond the smell of ash.
And hunger, while the gluttons smirk,
for the wine of eternity.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Even though I know not why
This path You have allowed,
Still this I know, it comes with love
For love for me You've vowed.

In all that comes into my life
Your love's behind, before,
And I am comforted, content,
Though trials on me pour.

For good is Your intention,
I am Your work of art,
And this is but another stage,
Your hand is in each part.

For You the great Creator
Can only beauty make,
And though I may not understand
This too is no mistake.

Your love surrounds each circumstance
Anxiety can cease,
The hand that now allows the pain
Creates the masterpiece.


Remember when the world was good
We fully took a part
And we could manage on our own
Without a change of heart
We were strong, embracing all
The joys that life portrayed
As long as we enjoyed our lot
Then this is where we stayed.

Thankfully, we saw the light
And altered our direction
We realised that all our gods
Were lacking real perfection
We learnt that far from being strong
The human mind is weak
And had to relegate ourselves
To someone less unique.

So in our weakness, we are strong
A vessel needing change
Which comes from God, The only source
Who loves to rearrange
The sinful, weak and hopeless soul
Who trips on every stone
We cannot do it by ourselves
We need His help, alone.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Rock.. Sweeter than any honeycomb

Come and stand in the Cleft of the Rock
where there is more than your eyes can see
there is something sweeter than a honeycomb
and He came to heal both you and me

His soothing balm comes to cover you
his love, like a diamond smooth and rare
He comes to revive the weary one in pain
Yes, our Father's peace, is always there

Oh to the bosom of the Rock we'll go
to the One who trades our pain for life anew
He who pour's out His fragrance upon our heads
yes, its Jesus , who will heal us , through and through

May He pour His love on you, like a covering of joy
and may His fragrance fall like a refreshing rain
Just come and rest in the " Comforter " who is our Rock
Yes, He is there waiting to bring joy in the midst of your pain

Yes, Love pours from the sturdy Rock
His provision of life given to all who believe
As you offer your pain, your sorrow, your joys to Him
Sister, in the healing - its His love today, you will receive..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thoughts From The Backyard Swing

beneath the peaceful towering oak
we sleepishly glide through the breeze of twilight
breathing in the last of cool summer air:
quiet thoughts replenish my weary soul
echoing come, sit, rest with me,
untangle from the chaos of the day.
the two of us, together, in moon-made silence
watch evening settle over dusty distant fields;
earth's parched dirt, rises up, crumbles
the rose petal's fragrance dissipates with season's end;
sounds of today whirl around me.
I pause, listen, head bowed
a child's sleepy whisper of prayer
drifts through the solemn hush of neighboring yard;
praise His name,
His word endures forever


My child, it makes no difference
What you are walking through,
In the meadows or the briars
God is walking there with you.

He'll bring you through them safely,
You never need to fear,
The briars though they're painful
Will cause you to draw near.

If you only crossed broad meadows
You would then be unaware
Of God's goodness and His comfort
In life's perplexing snares.

If you had known no heartache
And experienced no pain,
Your spirit would be poorer
For no growth would you attain.

Though briars leave their mark on you,
They painfully succeed
In driving you to seek the One
Who'll heal you when you bleed.

In every life there's briars,
Though the meadows we prefer,
For we learn we are dependent
When the painful we incur.


I'm wrestling with the ice cream
Inside this soft scoop box
My spoon is bent,my patience spent
I'm trying to outfox
The barrier before me
To get my just dessert
I'll hack at that unyielding mass
No matter what the hurt.

But hey,where is my patience
Why don't I let it melt
Surely it will taste the same
If time and me both dwelt
Perhaps this is my problem
Too hasty in my ways
A Martha living in my skin
To be a Mary pays.

So if I wait upon The Lord
Instead of rushing it
And let us melt together
In a fusion,we will knit
A tasty time of bonding
And one that satisfies
Oh Lord,please give me patience
To delight in Your surprise.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Offering of Prayer

Resting in God's grace and mercy.
Holy Spirit , come flood through my soul
Soaking in what You have done for me
Father God, Your Love has made me whole

I come before You with my praise
knowing the blood of Jesus has washed me clean
walking daily in the Word of God
Lord, I sing songs to the One who came to Redeem

Hear me Father, just as I am
O God, my heart of praise meant just for You
I stand before the Throne above
Oh Lord - Come fill me as only You can do.

Take me Lord, and move in me
strip me naked of things that seem to bind
I know your grace has come to mercy me
O Lord, there is no other healing that I will find

Yes, I will come before my Holy God
I come and stand before the King of Kings
as I come to settle in the Spirit's peace
O God, receive today my song of Praise I humbly bring

Friday, October 9, 2009


This won't last forever,
This too shall pass away,
These clouds of doubt, discouragement,
That hover o'er my day.

This won't last forever,
Emotions come and go,
And though it seems there is no end
This too will pass I know.

Far too much time is wasted
In anxiety and fear,
Consumed by what may be ahead
That never does appear.

These fears consume my peace of mind
And eat away my joy,
Another day is wasted,
A day I should enjoy.

Remind me, Lord, that You are here
To walk me through each day,
There's nothing that's too hard for You
And by my side You'll stay.

Each day's a precious gift from You,
No credit, no return,
So help me as each day unfolds
The beauty to discern.


Where is the peace
That you know I'll provide
Why from My presence
Do you want to hide
Have you decided
To go it alone
Into the danger
Of journeys unknown
Surely you're safer
With Me by your side
Keeping a watch
As you pause to decide
It's me or the devil
For that is the choice
Be careful My loved one
Take heed of My voice.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Purpose of the Valley

The purpose of the valley
Cannot be glimpsed below,
But only on the mountain's height
God's plan we'll fully know.

Though rocky be the pathway,
Agility is born,
And perseverance paves the way
To climb the Matterhorn.

Endurance is the product
Of walking through the mire,
It's preparation for the climb
Our souls need to acquire.

The valley is not punishment,
It's just a training ground,
It's simply basic training,
A path to higher ground.

For once we reach the mountain height
The view will be so clear,
The difficulties that we faced
Will tend to disappear.

We'll gain a new perspective,
What once caused us deep pain
Was used as tiny stepping stones
To everything we gain.

The Color of God's Beauty

Lord, I see Your face in every sunrise
I see it in the depths of the deepest sea
I see it in the mountains of Your Holiness
Lord, I've seen it, on the Cross of Calvary

Even as I look into the deepest shadows
O Lord, Your face, it's always in full view
even in the darkest hours of a moonlit night
it's Your Peace that flows between me, and You

So as I look up to the stars in Heaven
where Your Majesty is on full display
the color of each sunrise showing off His wondrous beauty
Oh Lord, there are no words to adequately say

But I'll come to lift my hands in worship
to the One I love so very much
I'll bask in the beauty of God's Awesome Glory
as it falls down on me, with a gentle , filling touch

Yes, just come O Lord Jesus
with the deep filling of Your Spirit , deep inside
Come and surround me with all Your Glory
Oh God, in Your Presence I want to always hide

So with every new sunrise that comes to greet me
and the colors of the morning extends over time, earth and space
It's in that awesome display of my Savior and Redeemer
that we will see the Color of God's Beauty , face to face

National Poetry Day (U.K.)

Today (Oct. 8, 2009) is National Poetry Day in the UK.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eternal Life

I've got this insurance, it just cannot fail
It's certainly foolproof and pays on the nail
It covers the seasons of plenty and strife
It's backed by the promise of eternal life.

The eternal salesman will knock at your door
By letting Him enter, your prospects will soar
He'll leave a memento, a guide to your plan
By quoting you happy, he'll do all He can.

The catch is quite simple, you follow His rules
To keep you apart from a world full of fools
The payout is treasure, put by up above
Safe from destruction, invested in love.

Heavenly Intercession

I am your Intercessor,
I have My Father's ear,
And constantly I plead for you,
In love I persevere.

I see the paths you travel,
The roadblocks in your way,
My purposes will be fulfilled,
For your success I pray.

My prayers are ALWAYS answered,
For you I intercede,
So, child, keep your eyes on Me
And follow where I lead.

You put such stock in others' prayers
But fail to understand,
That I'm the author of your faith,
I sit at God's right hand.

I fashioned you in pure delight,
Created you unique,
Who better, then, can plead for you,
Your good I always seek.

So, child, don't be fearful,
Just fix your eyes on Me,
Abundant life I have for you,
This is My guarantee.

It's I who have the power,
So trust Me and obey,
For I know how to care for you,
And for you always pray.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Name Above All Names

Oh Lord, I come humbly before the All sufficient Savior
He who is Wonderful, Counselor, Faithful Friend of mine
You are the Prince of Peace, and Savior
Son of God - no one Greater that we can find

You are the Christ, and the Messiah
Everlasting Father, yes, the Son of Man
You hung on the Cross as my Victor and Redeemer
Praise God, You are the Great I Am!

I will raise my hands up to praise You
because Jesus You are the Only Way, through the open Door
You are the the Truth and the Life , the Hope of Glory
Yes, You are King of Kings forevermore.

Oh Light of the World who came to save sinners
the Morning Star from which we find new birth
You are the source of our salvation O Lord
and Praise God, You are Ruler of Gods Created earth

so with my prayers lifted to the Master
I come to He who became the Sacrifice for my sin
You are Alpha, and Omega -
Oh Lord, the Beginning, and the End

Monday, October 5, 2009

His Love Worth more than Silver and Gold

Oh how I know the Lord is with me
I feel His Presence standing near
He listens to my joys and my laughter
and He brings comfort in every falling tear

Yes, it's our Father we'll find in the darkness
His Love worth more than all silver and gold
He is Someone who'll never leave us or abandon
Yes, its Jesus, the Greatest Love story, ever told.

He is Redeemer, Lord and Savior
By His blood, He's washed our sins away
His Love came to heal the broken hearted
and has these words He longs to say:

I've come to save those lost in sin and darkness
with wounds that have kept you walking all alone
with my Grace and Mercy freely given
Oh yes, My Love, the greatest ever known

For I am Jesus , the King of Glory
I come to give New Life to one , and all
I'm here to bring forgiveness, and My healing
When on My Name, you will call.

Then you will know I will be with you always and forever
as you sense My Presence standing always near
Child, just come to Me for I am waiting
In Me, you'll find there is nothing more to fear.

Yes, it's my peace you'll find even in the walking
as you come boldly before the Throne
You will find resting in the newness
For I am Jesus - and I have claimed you for my own

So just lift your eyes to me , the Savior
and leave your sin and shame here with me
for then you'll find my Word standing faithful
because in your presence, its you where my love will always be.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

From Mountain HIgh Valley low

Sometimes there are obstacles in the way
and times , that life's journey is hard and rough
but as God promises, He gives added strength
when He knows we need His powerful touch

And so with that, He leads me on with solid steps
when life's boulder's get in the way
step by step, my Lord leads me o'er
whether its dark of night , or light of day

Yes - one by one He'll lead my way
over rocks and hills, together we will go
preparing for me a safe journey ahead
Yes, its God , whose peace that I will always know

So because of that there is nothing more to fear
knowing Jesus is walking hand in hand with me
It's His Presence that comes to surround from all sides
Oh yes, its in His Shelter, that I will always be

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Greater Love

Lord, it was You who set the boundaries of earth
in the creation of summer rains, and winter snow
it was You that created both life , and breath
Yes, it's been You ,that follows me wherever I go

And in everything that has been created of Your hand
whether created for reason , or maybe , just for fun
We know , O God, You're the One who Reigns above
For on the Cross, the Victory has been won

Oh Great is Your Love, that has been given to me
Love , more Powerful than raging winds, or stormy seas
O Lord, as I lift my eyes to where You sit on the Throne
I am humbled ,that Your Love , has reached even me..

Reading Psalms 8:3-4 , today, was the inspiration behind this prayer poem .

My Jesus

He is my body and my bread,
My sustenance and smile.
My ever-present Savior;
My hope through every trial.
Sustained beneath His watchful eye
Forever here, forever nigh.

He is my soul and sweetness,
My purpose and my peace.
My ever-living Savior;
My solace and my priest.
Sustained beneath His watchful sight
Forever here, forever right.

He is my spirit and my song,
My glory and my guide.
My ever-giving Savior;
My praise and greatest pride.
Sustained beneath His watchful gaze
Forever here, forever raised.

By Tom Valles

Psalm 71:6By You I have been sustained from my birth; You are He who took me from my mother's womb; My praise is continually of You.