Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daniel and the Lions' Den

Under the bed is a whole 'nother world
Where sneakers, old toys, smelly socks have been hurled,
Where crayons, gum wrappers, and shoestrings abound,
Where all the lost treasures can usually be found.

Under the bed, a dark scary place,
Where menacing monsters in shadows we trace!
But can you imagine just what you would do
Alone in the dark finding lions with you?

For that's just what happened to Daniel, you know,
Alone in the darkness he paced to and fro.
I'm sure you are asking, "Just why was he there?"
With great hungry lions a den he must share!

A few men grew jealous of Daniel's success,
For he governed the people with so much finesse.
They probed, they examined, to find any flaw,
But there were no grounds for charges at all.

So how could they fault him, remove all his power?
They schemed, and they plotted, and spied by the hour.
For Daniel was faithful to seek out God's way,
And three times each day he was kneeling to pray.

Convincing the king a law to decree...
To the king, the king only, all prayer should be!
There is only one God, and this Daniel knew,
He continued to pray to his God in full view.

For breaking this law he was cast in the den
Where great hungry lions for him had a yen!
The king was distraught, yet the law he enforced,
The door of the den, he then reinforced.

The king in his anguish could not eat or sleep
And rushed out at dawn to the den just to peep.
"Daniel, O Daniel, are you still alive?
Did God in His mercy help you to survive?"

"My God sent an angel and I am unhurt,
I didn't become the lions' dessert!"
The king, overjoyed, then set Daniel free,
No blood was found on him, no wounds...not a flea!

There is nothing, no nothing, that's bigger than God,
No mountains too tall, no valley too broad.
When we're in a "dungeon", don't know what to do,
With eyes fixed on Jesus, He'll "lions" subdue.

Daniel 6

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Nithin R S said...

It reminded me off the things underneath my bed.My friends call my room as jungle.Obviously underneath bed is no less than den.Nice poetry.I liked it.