Friday, April 15, 2011

Sestina: The Son, the Cross and Glory

God the Father sent His Son, through whom we are forgiven.
Yet man, preferring darkness chose
To shun the light and hence from heaven driven.
Oh the crimson price from Him that flowed
To purchase man’s redemption and be risen
That we with Him, victorious arose.

The life of Christ is vain, had He not arose.
The Father’s chief ambition: that we be forgiven!
The glory of the Cross is: He has risen!
Sin’s penalty is broken when men chose
To come and in repentance kneel where mercy flowed.
His invitation ever hails where nails were driven.

Oh His love for sinners; those for whom He’s driven.
Christ, the Lamb of God who from His throne arose
To come and to redeem us, what grace from heaven flowed.
Jesus is the “gift” for the forgiven.
Our faith is predicated on the life He chose:
To reject Him, one is lost; to receive Him, one has risen.

It is at the Cross, where new life has risen.
Condemnation, guilt and strife away are driven.
If in defiance, one rejected Him and chose
To turn and walk from Jesus who arose,
Then there is not a way to be forgiven.
The well of living water’s where all pardon flowed.

The glory of the Cross; where mercy flowed!
The story never wanes on heavens risen.
These understand the gift of the forgiven.
For love of Him, to his feet they’re driven.
These rose anew because this One arose.
It is all through faith in Christ, that saints had chose.

Call upon the Lord, you will see that when you chose
To ask Him for forgiveness, sin’s hold away had flowed.
Easter’s glory is not death; it is when the Son arose.
It’s in salvation, new creations, destined to be risen!
While we battle with our sin, Christians all the more are driven
To magnify our Lord, and to relish in “forgiven.”

Rejoice all you who chose the One who’s risen.
Where in flowed the life and out death’s driven.
The Son arose, that you may be forgiven.


Acts 4:12 “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”