Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I hardly know what to feel or how to act this Mother’s Day,
Because for the first time on this special day, I am motherless.
I can’t give Mama a gift or send a card, as I used to do.
Neither can I talk with her or give her a tender caress.

Our earthly time together ended on January 9, 2011,
The day she was called to her Heavenly Home.
Although I’m thankful she’s been set free from her sufferings,
I can’t help missing her and feeling sad and alone.

But I’m also grateful for the 63 years we had together.
I’m thankful we loved and cherished each other always.
I’m glad I hugged her often and honored her in life at every opportunity.
I promise to continue to pay tribute to her all the rest of my days.

Because Mother taught me so many, many things,
Hardly a day goes by that I do not think of something she said to me.
Although she’s dead and, thus, can no longer speak or act,
Her previous words and action still guide me tenderly.

The mother/child relationship—what a treasure!
No wonder its ending causes such sorrow.
But this thought consoles me as I grieve:
A reunion is coming—one glad tomorrow.

© May 8, 2011, by Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill,

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Kathryn Darden said...

This one is so sweet Johnnie! I am living in a hotel after a flood and have very limited access to my computer, so I have not been able to get in here to check out the recent poems. Thank you for posting this one!