Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yet A Little While

We cannot see the life ahead,
We only see what's lost,
We do not see the gains to be,
We simply feel the cost.

Feeling secure in what has been,
The changes cause us fear,
Not knowing what the future brings,
We cling to what's most dear.

Looking beyond the days ahead,
The temporary fades,
Our focus on our home above
Laid out in splendorous shades.

A future with no grief or pain,
Secure within God's realm,
And peace for all eternity
With Jesus at the helm.

A grand reunion yet awaits
For those who died in Him,
Separation in the past,
We sing the heav'nly hymns.

So yet a little while,
With destination sure,
Our hand held by the Master,
This day we can endure.