Monday, October 8, 2012

Power and Love

Who gave the sun its’ warmth and its’ light?
Whose will caused our planet to spin into night?
Who dressed the clouds in their grey and their white
And allotted their voice such a thunderous might?

Who laid out the oceans and gave them their girth?
Who scatters His lightning across all the earth?
Who takes away empires, gives others new birth?
Who can do all of this and yet still see my worth?

Who lifted the mightiest mountain range
Up into the sky, so imposing and strange?
Who sends forth the winds and who has arranged
Four life-giving seasons to ebb and to change?

Who spread out the lights in the nights’ starry sky?
Who feathered the Eagle and taught it to fly?
Who waters one place and leaves another one dry?
Who can do all of this and yet still hear my cry?

Whose voice thunders down with the mightiest roar?
Whose power can shake the whole earth to its’ core?
Whose splendor decrees that all angels adore?
Who gives us His all and has promised us more?

Whose presence commands that all evil shall flee?
Whose justice demands that for sin, there’s a fee?
Whose wisdom and love nailed that sin to a tree?
Who sent His own Son to recover deaths’ key?

Whose mighty hand picks me up when I’m down?
Whose mighty grace turned the lost into found?
Whose promise declares that I’m Heavenward bound?
My Father who says I’m a jewel in His crown.

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