Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pills and Potions

In a fallen world, stained with sin, sickness and disease
We soldier on towards the goal, often ill at ease
When we’re great we oft display an air of nonchalance
But when we’re sick we cry to God and wait for His response

While we wait impatiently, we go and see the doc
We sit in patient waiting rooms, our eyes fixed on the clock
When finally in, he coolly speaks and says “Go get undressed.
So I can place this freezing lump of metal on your chest.”

When all is said and done, we go, some paper in our hands
For something that’s supposed to heal our heads and fix our glands
With heads bowed low and elbows tucked, we break into a run
Towards that modern marvel of the world - there’s something there for everyone

If your blood begins to clot
Ticlopidine can hit the spot
If you have high cholesterol
Why not try Colestipol

When your sinuses are stuck
Some Ephedrine may clear the muck
Benign Prostate Hyperplasia?
Finasteride can help that caper

When it comes to Hypertension
Hydralazine is worth a mention
Hydroxyzine can help your Hives
Caffeine helps us stay alive

If your scalp begins to snow
Coal Tar may help stem the flow
If your bald spot fails to thrill
Go get some Minoxidil

Up all evening counting sheep?
Melatonin helps you sleep
When wiping pains your Haemorrhoids
You need Adrenocorticoids

If you go to certain areas
You may wind up in hysteria
The climate’s warm, the mozzies swarm
Injecting their malaria
Take Proguanil and Chloroquine
Primaquene and Quinidine
Then Hydroxychloroquine
Your features mightn’t seem as green

For sore knees NSAID’s
SSRI’s for OCD’s
If you have Suckle Cell Disease
Hydroxyurea if you please

Vertigo needs Meclizine
Parasites - Pentamidine
Nausea - Scopolomine
Muscle Cramp - Tizanidine

Barbiturates, Salicylates
Nitrates and Meprobamate
Venlafaxine, Azelastine
And all the antihistamines

Antivirals for your flu
Laxatives to help you poo
If runny when you defecate
Bismuth Subsalicylate

If you have itchy, flaky skin
Or Ringworm growing on your chin
There’s 7000 types of cream
There’s just enough to make you scream!

With heat packs stacked on aching backs, we press towards the goal
We wonder whether prayers are heard but know God’s in control
The King of Kings will grant us wings one day when we’re set free
But as for now Lord, thank you for our local Pharmacy

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