Monday, October 20, 2008

Share a Poem!

Have you written a poem that will fit on Christian Poets Pen? Use the comments section below this post to share a poem or two. If you want to become a regular contributer, submitting a few poems in the comments area is a good way to be invited!


Robert said...


You’ve traveled the world
Speaking to millions
Acted in major films
Accumulated millions
But what have you done for God?

You built apartment complexes and homes
Some you rented, some you sold
You’ve increased the wealth of men
From very young to very old
But what have you done for God?

You've purchased designer clothes
Bought many fancy and expensive cars
Built up poor neighborhoods
With liquor stores and bars
But what have you done for God?

You built a huge sanctuary where folks can worship
With all the latest amenities
Carrerra Marble floors and fine silk curtains
And fine oak moldings from extremity to extremity
But what have you done for God?

You see riches and fame are nice
Your bank account full of money
And your hands all covered with ice
Nothing wrong with being able
To pay the bills every month
To buy other than no frills items when you shop
There’s unlimited thrills and
Very little chills when
There’s always something there
When you reach in the till.

But when you don’t do it for God
Your till in heaven is always going to be empty
There’ll be no gold in your mansion
No pearly gates because
You served something other than God
With passion
When you get to heaven
You’ll ask the Lord,
“Didn’t I cast out demons for you?
Touched and healed the sick for you?”
And Jesus will look at you and say,
“Go away from me evildoer for it is only evil that you do.
I’m going to do for you
What you did for me….

© 2007 Robert T. Sells – All Rights Reserved

Robert said...

Heal My Heart

Heal my heart Lord
For it was torn in half
Corrupted by someone who
Allowed the devil in
Took my heart and gave it
A shot of decaf
Slowed it down to a standstill
Changed me from a stallion to a calf

Heal my heart Lord
For I can’t move forward
With someone else new
I must first be restored by you
So when you send the right one
I’ll have all my fight done
I’ll be ready to delight someone
The one only you know
Is the right someone

Heal my heart Lord
Because I only want to please you
And I thank you in advance that it’s done
And I’ll be patient until you’re through

I trust you for my healing God
So I give everything to you
I believe what you told me
When you said you’d never leave me
Nor would you ever forsake me

Heal my heart Lord
So that I may be your mate
Until the day I meet
That person I’m going to marry
And when I’m finally ready
I’ll know it from before my first date

© 2008 Robert T Sells – All Rights Reserved

Kathryn Darden said...

Wow! These are excellent Robert! Thank you for posting them. I really like the internal rhyme here:

To pay the bills every month
To buy other than no frills items when you shop
There’s unlimited thrills and
Very little chills when
There’s always something there
When you reach in the till.

Anointed Poet said...

A Daughter’s Gratitude

Everyday I spent with you
Shaped the way that I am
The way I see the world
The way I grew to become a woman
From a young girl.

I watched you when you walked with me
Holding my hand
Opening every door for me and
Taking care of my meals for me
Shopping with me
And teaching me
How to dress like a virtuous woman
So as not to attract the wrong
Type of man to me

Everyday I learned something
From your ever- present wisdom
You taught me when we were together
How to tell something from nothing
How to discern a man from a boy
To know when a man of God approaches
And to know a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Everyday you read the bible with me
And when you prayed with me
It showed me
How a mighty man of God should be
And I learned the type of man
That I want to be married to
I learned that I don’t have to be in a hurry to
Get married for the sake of
Being connected to a man who would undo
Everything that God has done through you.

And now as I walk down the aisle to meet my husband
I finally understand all of the times in my life
When my daddy spent precious time with me
All of the talks, the walks, and the time in the Word
He was day-by-day preparing me
For the day I would become someone’s wife.

© 2008 Robert T Sells – All rights reserved

Bradley said...

As I sat out on that lonely pier
I looked out knowing God was near

He showed up in a drop of rain
Enough to wash away my pain

The sky was stormy and the wind blew on my face
And the peace in that moment was only by his grace

He told me to search deeply, yes deeply in my heart
My longing to be closer, the promise of a brand new start

His encouragement was awesome to seek his perfect plan
He answered my haunting question, YES you are a man!

The answer was there before me if I would only do my part
A quiet covenant made that day
To fully engage my heart!!