Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to Christian Poets Pen!

Welcome to Christian Poets Pen, the zine for poets who write Christian poetry or poetry from a Christian perspective. Christian Poets Pen began as a bi-monthly newsletter in the early 1990s, continues as a page on Christian Activities, and now at last is becoming a zine on the web!

Poets are invited to share poetry, tips, and poetry news using the comments feature. If you post several poems and tips, you may be invited to become a featured writer.

Just respond to a poem or tip that your poem or tip would relate to and share your work with us! Or simply enjoy reading what our poets have to say.


Jane Hutto said...

Many thanks to Christian Poets Pen
for the invitation. My first poem
is "Sister Seasons."

Golden glints of sunlight,
Mist through scarlet trees,
Color marshalled flowers, and
Harvest-readied fields
Whisper, "Good-bye, Summer,
Your time has come and passed.
Folks reach for wooly sweaters;
They cover swimming pools-
Long parades of children
March off to scholar's school.
Birds begin to pattern,
Winging, wheeling by-
Darkened dots of passage,
Sailors of the sky.
So Summer slips out softly
As if through a door,
And Fall begins her gold-spun reign
Of shortened days and fields' rich gain.

Jane Hutto

Kathryn Darden said...
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