Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day Poetry

If any of you have any Father's Day poetry to share, I would like to encourage some of you to post your Father's Day poems!

Father's Day Haiku

How everlasting
Are the bonds between fathers
And their little girls.

For Father’s Day – a Poem

For all the times I never told you thank you,
For all the times I ignored what you said,
For all the years I acted so indifferent,
I want to say how much I thank you, Dad.

These are the things I should have often told you,
But usually they were left unsaid;
Now these are words that weigh heavy upon me -
How much I want to say, I love you, Dad.

For all the times you reached and I rebuffed you,
For all the years I scoffed at things you said,
I want to say how much I miss my father,
And how I wish I could tell you now, Dad.

Father's Day Acrostic - a Father's Day Poem

F athers are not appreciated
A s much as they should be.
T hey toil at work and work at home
H oping to meet our needs,
E ach day brings new occasions --
R easons for appreciation,
S howing thanks for his deeds.

D ad, I wish I could tell you this,
A s I sit with my memories --
Y ou are so very dearly missed.


Kara Ashley said...

I enjoyed your haiku and acrostic poem for these forms are not seen often - but they are done well!

Tom Valles said...

Nice work as always, Kathryn. I heard you married some famous baseball player! :-) Have a great day!

Tom Valles said...

KAthryn, great Father's Day poem and haiku. Have a great day!

Elena Ramirez Christian Author said...

Thanks for the information, and for more insight, about becoming a contributor. Have a blessed day. ✝

Elena Ramirez Christian Author said...

I loved the acronym of Fathers day, in your writing.

It was done very well, in its expression.