Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reflections of a Father

Reflections of a Father,
Walking hand in hand
Sharing secrets of a new romance,
Or building sand castles in the sand.

Tea parties with a daughter,
or taking a son for a spin in his new car
Reflections of a father,
Bright or dimming like a star.

The privilege of raising a child
is an honor given you
But it’s also something that your children will teach their kids
And that’s a reflection of you, too.

Your teaching lessons of morality,
and sharing mistakes in life that you have made
Showing your kids you are an adult,
And don’t measure love with a passing or failing grade.

For you see, your example in life
Is all that your children might hear, or see.
You shape their mind with every thought
That ever comes to be.

For, your life is their reflection,
of all that your children are
Your children sometimes become like you,
And are sometimes left with painful scars.

And, sometimes, I stop to wonder
what runs through a parent’s mind?
When all of a sudden
you have a child to raise -
after 9 months of not knowing
what you’d find.

Will you be there for your child,
Ready to listen to all their worries and cares?
Or, will you turn your back on them,
teaching them they have nothing important to share?

I hope as a Father,
You teach your child to be giving, helpful and strong
And as you walk along life’s roads with each one
the reflections of you, their Father
will have taught right from wrong.

So, learn all you can about being a Father
from the most awesome Heavenly Father ever seen
and know that as your children learn and grow
its a Godly reflection that they've gleaned.

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