Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Path To Joy

Negativity gets us nowhere,
Our attitude, our choice.
We can view our blessings
Or grumble with our voice.

The clouds may still be present,
May nag our every step,
With Jesus as our focus
Our hearts know we are kept.

In complaining lies ingratitude,
A victim we become
To Satan's darts of fear and doubt
Until God's kingdom comes.

God's children know their future,
It's temporary here.
Rejoicing and thanksgiving
Will rout those darts of fear.

God's grooming us for better things,
Of this we can be sure,
Preparing us for what's ahead
In His hands we're secure.

Our bitterness a habit,
It's far past time to break.
And bitterness can oft repel
The friends we hope to make.

Our spirits filled with sunshine
Oft magnets then become,
A draw to friends and neighbors,
A witness then to some.

For nothing matters more on earth
Than leading souls to Him,
And spirits filled with sunshine
Will cause the clouds to dim.

A thankfulness develops
For His great gift of love,
The enemy's attacks on us
We then can rise above.


Chantel said...

The first and the sixth stanzas ring so true for far to many of us. I love how the first line is quick and to the point. Because that's just it- concluison and all, negativity gets us- nowhere. And the flow of word choice, the 2nd line in stanza six, reinforces "it's far past time" , I love how that reads. Beautiful poem that hits the heart of the matter- no frills attached

Carol Penhorwood said...

Thank you, Chantel. I'm glad you liked it. I think it is too easy to fall into that trap instead of appreciating all that God has given us and done for us.

I see negativity as one of the enemy's weapons, don't you?

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