Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection Song

My sin I bring , humbly to You , Lord
to the place where You once laid it down
My sin , I surrender as You took it all
Yes , as You've led me to such Holy ground

It is here in Risen splendor , Lord
You are here , yet , now reigning free
Your Holy presence in this awesome place
O Lord, for all, may Your Glory, be all we see !

Yes , my Redeemer died and now yet lives
He leads us to where the cross , once stood
It was there You took our sin upon Yourself -
Yes, the cross stained with all sin
and nothing else but the Savior's blood

It's here on such Holy ground
calling out, O God - You are the King of Kings "
with this , my sin , I hand to You , O Lord
its by Your Redeeming blood
now my salvation song, I can sing :

I believe, I believe - this song I shall sing
It's to Jesus the Redeemer , my hands I raise
it was from the Cross that I first saw the Light
and now, to You, O Lord, this heartfelt song of Praise :

Yes, I believe, I believe, that my Savior lives
because of my sin debt, my Savior came
From the Cross, to the grave , where my Redeemer Arose
I sing - Hallelujah to the Risen One
Yes, Hallelujah, My God forever Reigns!

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