Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Gift To All Mankind

An act of condescension,
An act of love and grace,
When deity became a man
To save this human race.

The two in one, both God and man,
Mistreated and abused,
And oft misunderstood by those
Who stood by and accused.

He laid aside His glory
In order to reach man,
To implement the Father's will,
To put in place His plan.

Indeed a gift to all mankind
Modeling a life of love,
Dependence on the Father,
Direction from above.

And so we walk the path prepared
Thus following His steps,
And wise the man who understands,
Dependence then accepts.

Alone we can do nothing,
Alone we try and fail,
But only as we do God's will
Will truth and love prevail.

The Incarnation demonstrates
Dependence in all things,
For Jesus truly understood
All from the Father springs.


Judy said...

A lot of things for us to think about in this message. Thank God for His wonderful gift of salvation and forgiveness.

Tom Valles said...

Carol, a GREAT poem! Loved the cadence and flow of this one. Awesome!