Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rainbow Before the Storm

Today, I saw a rainbow in the sky
I couldn't help but wonder “why”?
Why a rainbow before the storm?
This definitely wasn't the norm.

I pondered over this question
and this was my impression.
God was reminding me, “Don't fear
for I will always be near.”

God is present every day of my life
even before there is any sign of strife.
When clouds appear, I know He's there.
During the storm, He listens to my prayer.

Storms thundered as they came tonight,
Chasing away the final glimmer of light.
During the dark the Son is my consolation
He's the source of my life's transformation.

So remember to look at God's rainbow
and realize that He is not your foe.
Allow Him to comfort and soothe you
as the trials of life He leads you through.

Judy Wood

1 comment:

Tom Valles said...

Wonderful poem. Indeed: "the trials of life He leads you through."