Thursday, January 10, 2013

Truth Be Told

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God
And when the Word spoke, it was a good time to nod

When a sound left His lips, all things paused to hear
Then exclaim with delight as a new thing appeared

The Father and Son worked together in splendor
The Spirit was moving – they had an agenda
A love infused thought followed by a decree
No buttons to press, just the words “Let there be………”

The Heavens were born with a thought then a sound
They were put in their place and by laws they were bound
More words that escaped brought the universe forth
He spoke some things South and sent others up North

He thought of a sun and an orbiting rock
From the heart of His hearts He imagined a flock
With a light in His eyes and His mouth for the tool
He furnished a world and He told us to rule

When His word comes to light, the outcome is sure
The Almighty declares it - there is no detour
Though Heaven and Earth may fall to decay
His word is eternal and won’t pass away

When we’d messed it all up and to start us afresh
He sent us His Son and The Word was made flesh
He spoke and He told us, He talked and He said
If you pick up the bible, it’s written in red

The Word told us how to escape from Fort Knox
Of our journey to Heaven and our stumbling blocks
Of a love that assures that we don’t walk alone
Of a pardoning grace that is calling us home

He gave us the handbook, the decree of The Lord
If you live the wrong way then you’ll fall on your sword
He said not to let the devil persuade us
He used the same voice as He did when He made us

That wonder filled voice that tells stars how to burn
That power filled voice that makes galaxies turn
That wisdom filled voice that declares right from wrong
The voice of our God that sets angels to song

It’s a light to our path and a lamp to our feet
A word for all time and it’s still on the street
The kind of advice that no money can buy
Your ticket to freedom, no word of a lie

As concrete is poured, thus shall concrete then set
And the Lord doesn’t give us His word to forget
Or to twist or to shape or to suit the new age
It’s the purest of truth and can never be changed

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