Thursday, January 15, 2009

Evening Song

When you cannot close your eyes
and you think you can't keep going on
the peace of God comes surrounding you
and fills your heart with His healing song

You will find peace in this valley
you will find tender loving care
you will find hope for all your troubles
you will find my God is waiting there

When you can't seem to see ahead
what I can clearly see for you
just rest in My arms of Love
as I have my work set out to do

For you will find My peace in this valley
you will find my Presence waiting there
you will find hope for all your days
I am a God whose love for you, I share.

Nestle into my comfort, Child
feel my gaze upon your face
be still and know I will hold you close
come to my Side, a healing place.


Kathryn Darden said...

Another inspiring piece! Bravo!

karen hopkins said...

thank you, for the encouraging comment! Sometimes my nights are the longest,and most painful due to circumstances of my life. But one thing I am reminded of, is that Jesus sings a song of healing over me, as He showers me with His gentle and safe presence..

Coastcard said...

A lovely poem: thank you! I also enjoyed your Valentine one.