Monday, January 5, 2009

Jesus, the Mighty Standing Oak

Like a mighty standing oak,
whose limbs stretch up to the sky
a trunk thickened with age old scars
reaching up to the Heavens high..

Like that mighty old oak tree
Jesus, you are the One that stretches me
you take my life, thick with age old scars
and in death, you now, have set me free

Taking my sin ,and hardened heart
strengthening it with life giving power
my soul, my core, my very life
Lord, in me, You are the High Standing Tower.

Your canopy of mercy, Lord
with Your fullness below and up above
Our shelter from life's trials and pain
Lord, you reach us with your Everlasting love.

And, just like a mighty Oak, Lord God
Your love looks out to those of us around
above the things that we cant see beyond
Your Powerful grace, for us, to surround..

Rise up, in me, Lord, a Stand of faith
where life will not break or tear me down
Like that mighty standing oak tree, Lord
You live because of the Cross, and an "age old " Crown!


Kathryn Darden said...

Welcome to Christian Poet's Pen! What a lovely first post -- full of beautiful imagery!

karen said...

Thanks, I look forward to both reading the works of others, and sharing my own.