Thursday, February 12, 2009

I come as a virgin bride, Lord
beautiful in each and every way
I come offering myself to you
unashamed and here to stay.

I love you Lord Jesus, oh ravage all my heart
as I lay beside you, waiting, take every hidden part
I come to be your Bride, Lord, clean and undefiled
as you hold me in your arms, my sin now reconciled

Oh Lord, laying down beside you
I offer you my very life
take each part of who I am
and Love me through this very night!

As your spirit flows into me
Lord,let me feel your gentlest of hands
Lord, whisper your tender words of passion
I offer myself to you and now understand!

Lord, oh that I will be yours forever
a bride, now clean and purified
You see me as your Beloved
the reason you were crucified

You died for me on that cross, my Lord
knowing one day I would be your perfect bride
offering to you all my sin and scars, Lord
Your Life given for me , Crucified!