Friday, February 20, 2009


In college, I began to work
To earn paychecks where dollars lurk.
So, gainfully employed I was -
Sometimes with three jobs, just because!
Economies, both good and bad,
It mattered not -- a job I had.

However, now things aren't so great;
In circumstances that I hate,
I learn my life-long skills aren't prized --
In fact, I find I've been downsized!
Now middle-aged, I am annoyed
To face my future, unemployed.

I know my future's in God's hands,
But this is not what I had planned.
So, should this poem your thoughts inspire,
Please contact me! I am for hire!

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Conservative Poet Tom Zart said...


Come Monday morning without warning
Your boss decides to let you go.
As you listen to each and every word
The blood in your veins increases its flow.

You worry about family with all their needs
And, oh my what will my wife do and say.
Your heart is heavy and your throat is dry
While you wonder if you’ll make it through the day.

There's a house, two cars, doctor bills and credit cards
All who expect to be paid.
What little you’ve saved will soon be gone
And for the outcome of all, your afraid.


We're a nation of frazzled families
With little time for personal affection.
As the treadmills of tension keep us hostage
We're losing our perspective of direction.

Racing to get the kids off to school,
Navigating the madness of bottleneck traffic.
Fearful of our own job-loss and income,
While the newscasts get more hopeless and graphic.

Helping our children with their home work
Scrambling to prepare their dinner.
Having family spats with loved ones
And being told on Sunday, we're a sinner.

Worrying about crime, taxes, cancer and terrorism
Infectious disease and paying next months bills.
Saving for college and our own retirement
It's no wonder we drink, smoke, pray and pop pills.

By Conservative Poet
Tom Zart
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