Monday, February 2, 2009

A Song of Comfort

Sing a song of comfort, Lord
to those whose life will never be the same
draw nearer, Lord, oh nearer, still
May the Spirit comes closer in their pain

Lord, come quickly in this time of grief
come quickly, to draw hearts nearer, Lord, to Thee
bring hope and strength in this grieving time
let Your presence be all that they see.

From Your healing song, bring gentle words
and comfort, and strength as You reach for their hand
Comfort each one in their loss, dear Lord
and carry them when they have no strength to stand.


Kathryn Darden said...

Such a comforting poem!

Conservative Poet Tom Zart said...


Lord I’m coming, Lord I’m running
Skipping steps all the way to your gate.
I know I have faltered, thanks to faith I’ve altered
Escaping my bondage of hate.

For too long I was selfish, reckless and cruel
Refusing to regret my actions as a fool.
An arrow from heaven found its way to my soul
Since then till now giving love as my goal.

Blessed by my children and the treasures of life
Blessed by income, hard work and a wife.
Led by your wisdom to combat what is wrong
Blessed by your grace, worship and song.

Age is upon me but I’m not afraid to die
All that I stand for will be viewed by and by.
I don’t expect a mansion or wings to help me fly
Only to serve you and yours in the sky.

With one foot in heaven and one down on earth
I pray to be remembered and judged by my worth.
If I’m forced to camp, just outside your gate
I will still be grateful and not, “hesitate.”


Who wrote the tune the songbird sings?
Who made the diamonds we wear on rings?

Who caused the snow and rain to fall?
Who made spring, winter, summer and fall?

Who gave man a woman to love?
Who made the clouds and sky above?

Who lights the stars and moon in the night?
Who makes heaven and beyond so bright?

Who gives us babies we follow till death?
Who made us able to speak with our breath?

Who gives us heroes willing to die?
Who made the tears we shed as we cry?

Who shows us hope and guides our way?
The same one who loves us night and day.


The first one to love me was you; Lord
And nothing can take that away.
My soul is refreshed by living water
While my heart flows with love each day.

I thank you for the love of my family
And I thank you for the love of my life.
I thank you for all of the blessings
You give to each husband and wife.

Your glory rides high on the sunsets
Your voice is the thunder of rain.
I thank you for all of the heavens
And Jesus who came to be slain.

I feel when your eyes are upon me
As you listen to my humble cry,
You've redeemed the soul of your servant
To dwell in your mansion on high.

I'll claim each and every promise
From the Lord of the earth and sky.
I'm so glad I'm free from my bondage
Of the grave where my body shall lie.

I thank you for parting the darkness
And guiding my footsteps each day.
I thank you for being my shepherd
You've walked with me all the way.

I know your armor protects me
From the devil in search of his feast.
And all who are lost without you
Shall dwell in hell with the beast!

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