Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hiding on the Rock

Lord, hide me in the Cleft of the rock
where words have no power to tear me down
shelter me with Your strength alone
as I feel your Presence all around

Yes, hide me in the cleft of the rock
where peace is nestled in your Word
Oh hear me as I cry out to You, Lord God
Yes , it's Your voice, that I have heard

I know , Oh God, that you are here for me
even on the slippery rock that guards my soul
Oh Jesus , on the cleft of the rock
I know , You are the One , to make me whole

I cry out " hide me Lord ", in the cleft tonight
Oh shelter my heart from the enemies lies
and though my praise might be a sacrifice now
I know its to the Rock where I lift my eyes..

So hide me Lord in the cleft tonight
Oh yes, hide me in the strength of Your love
I will offer up a sacrifice of praise , Oh God
for You are the One who sits on the Throne, above.

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