Friday, May 8, 2009

There is Peace in the Darkness

In the quiet of this darkened room
Your peace comes to surround me near
and with distractions at a distance , Lord
I can feel Your presence settled here.

As I close my mind to thoughts unshared
and focus on the words You have to speak
Lord , in the quiet of this darkened room
Your presence lifts me when I am weak.

Nestled with me in this quiet room
Lord, Your heart soft, and tender as a leaf
Yet, as Your spirit touches my soul
Oh Lord , Your peace brings sweet relief.

It's not in my pain, that I need Your touch
but for those who You've sent my way
Lord , in this time of sharing Your hope
may Your Truth be what others , hear me say.

Lord, as I come to you in this quiet time
prepare my heart for those needing to know your love
Oh Lord, in this peaceful and quiet moment with you
draw me nearer, oh nearer, to your Spirit above.

I know You hear me, Lord, in this quietness
as my heart longs to do Your will
hear my prayer, tonight , when I cannot sleep
In me, Lord Jesus , let your peace be still.

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