Wednesday, May 20, 2009

River of Peace

Along the banks of God's flowing river
comes peace and joy
He longs to give to you.
As His cleansing water flows deep and wide
The Love of a Holy God, will carry you through.

Flowing along , with God's Power so strong
are rocks and boulders of sin now torn apart.
Just rest in Me, here, where I am found
for its where you will find the Love of my Father's heart.

Yes, my River of Love flows deep and wide
it brings new life as free as the roaring tide.
Breaking down wounds that have swallowed you whole
Oh come, for my River of Peace is the place to hide.

Yes, flowing deep with My strength alone
yes, my cleansing brings new life, to one, and all.
For it's at the River of Peace where I'll meet you there
Just come, just come, as I'll hear you when you call.

Yes, my river, flowing deep and wide
all power and praise will one day be
For it's by the River of Peace you'll find My rest
it is there where My cleansing will set you free.


Anonymous said...

I could identify the river in the picture as one from Colorado - but which? I loved how you encompassed the beauty of nature in your poem which is such a blessing from God.

karen hopkins said...

Actually the river is where I live in the mountains of eastern Oregon. The river is called the Grande Ronde River, which runs thru my area ( La Grande ), on into other parts of eastern Oregon.