Monday, May 25, 2009

In the Presence of God's Majesty

Lead me to fresh water , Oh Lord !
where I can sit , and gaze into Your face.
Oh let me taste of all that You are
Lord, let Your presence fill me, in this space.

Come close to me,
Holy Spirit, Come
Keep teaching me
how to live.
Replace the things
in my heart and mind
Lord, help me see , only You , in how I live.

Father , take my heart , and empty it out
of all the things that remain hidden in my sleep
The things of " old " that I no longer need
Lord, only Your Truth , is what I want to keep.

So here I am, at Your Holy Place
Lord , show me how to focus only on You
As I come humbled in spirit , and broken , Lord
In me, let Your Spirit come pouring through.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

River of Peace

Along the banks of God's flowing river
comes peace and joy
He longs to give to you.
As His cleansing water flows deep and wide
The Love of a Holy God, will carry you through.

Flowing along , with God's Power so strong
are rocks and boulders of sin now torn apart.
Just rest in Me, here, where I am found
for its where you will find the Love of my Father's heart.

Yes, my River of Love flows deep and wide
it brings new life as free as the roaring tide.
Breaking down wounds that have swallowed you whole
Oh come, for my River of Peace is the place to hide.

Yes, flowing deep with My strength alone
yes, my cleansing brings new life, to one, and all.
For it's at the River of Peace where I'll meet you there
Just come, just come, as I'll hear you when you call.

Yes, my river, flowing deep and wide
all power and praise will one day be
For it's by the River of Peace you'll find My rest
it is there where My cleansing will set you free.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Morning Song of Praise

There is a Rock, a Cornerstone
It is there, where I'll find everything I'll ever need
And to God's Strong and Mighty Word, I can go
as I'll find lasting truth in which to feed.

With my prayer, my heart is bowed, humble and low
it's from a little boy , to Savior , I give my sin
And, broken in spirit, I know that Jesus is Lord
and it's God, my Redeemer , who has changed me deep within.


God, You are the Rock , the stream , my Hope
You are the One to whom I will always sing
from boy, to Carpenter, to Redeemer of Man
Oh Lord, my song of Praise is all I can bring.

Yes, there is a Mighty River of Life
where stones and rocks of sin will wash away
It is there with Jesus, at that place of Hope
where I know I can leave my prayers today.

And it's there on a high mountain top
Where I can cry " Lord, you are the Mighty King!"
But when down below in the valley of worry so deep
I know you'll still hear me as I quietly sing :

God, You are the Rock , the stream , my Hope
You are the One to whom I will always sing
from boy, to Carpenter, to Redeemer of Man
Oh Lord, my song of Praise is all I can bring.

Yes, there is a Mighty River of Life
where stones and rocks of sin will wash away
It is there with Jesus, at that place of rest
where I know I can leave my thoughts with Him today.

As I go through the barren desert of life
and no water is found for me to drink
I know that God is waiting to refresh my soul
Oh yes, God is closer than I could ever think.

Yes, as my heart sings an offered lullaby
from little boy , to carpenter , I gave my praise
And who I am, as I offer with hands lifted above
it is God, to whom my eyes will always be raised.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hiding on the Rock

Lord, hide me in the Cleft of the rock
where words have no power to tear me down
shelter me with Your strength alone
as I feel your Presence all around

Yes, hide me in the cleft of the rock
where peace is nestled in your Word
Oh hear me as I cry out to You, Lord God
Yes , it's Your voice, that I have heard

I know , Oh God, that you are here for me
even on the slippery rock that guards my soul
Oh Jesus , on the cleft of the rock
I know , You are the One , to make me whole

I cry out " hide me Lord ", in the cleft tonight
Oh shelter my heart from the enemies lies
and though my praise might be a sacrifice now
I know its to the Rock where I lift my eyes..

So hide me Lord in the cleft tonight
Oh yes, hide me in the strength of Your love
I will offer up a sacrifice of praise , Oh God
for You are the One who sits on the Throne, above.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

One from the album

One from the album

I am three,
coat buttoned tight,
on an Easter morning.
I share a garden with a cat
and the discarded wrapping
of an Easter egg.
Clutching the plaster rabbit
that sat waiting in the womb
of a cardboard egg,
I feel secure.

Love shown
in a myriad of eggs
of various sizes
as days of rationing fade away.

I don't know yet
that Easter is bigger than
silver-papered chocolate
nor that love also comes
in a myriad of sizes.

Friday, May 8, 2009

There is Peace in the Darkness

In the quiet of this darkened room
Your peace comes to surround me near
and with distractions at a distance , Lord
I can feel Your presence settled here.

As I close my mind to thoughts unshared
and focus on the words You have to speak
Lord , in the quiet of this darkened room
Your presence lifts me when I am weak.

Nestled with me in this quiet room
Lord, Your heart soft, and tender as a leaf
Yet, as Your spirit touches my soul
Oh Lord , Your peace brings sweet relief.

It's not in my pain, that I need Your touch
but for those who You've sent my way
Lord , in this time of sharing Your hope
may Your Truth be what others , hear me say.

Lord, as I come to you in this quiet time
prepare my heart for those needing to know your love
Oh Lord, in this peaceful and quiet moment with you
draw me nearer, oh nearer, to your Spirit above.

I know You hear me, Lord, in this quietness
as my heart longs to do Your will
hear my prayer, tonight , when I cannot sleep
In me, Lord Jesus , let your peace be still.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Mother's Worth

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who knows the wealth of such?
What do children know from birth?
Their mother’s blessed touch.

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who knows the gains thereof?
What exceeds the wealth of earth
Like mother’s boundless love?

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who can count her gifts?
What on earth brings greater mirth
Than mother’s tender kiss.

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who gives her ample praise?
What gift can any give on earth
That begins to show “repaid”?

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
God smiles and knows and sees…
The height, and depth and girth,
Of the love He has for these.

By Tom Valles

Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living. Genesis 3:20

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Disposable Man

Sitting alone

outside the world,

his mind flickers back

to the laughing

full days,

to the tears

and the work

and the love that he gave;


empty now

of the fullness he had

rusted by years

and battered by life

and no longer useful,

he's pushed aside -

thrown away like an old tin can:

the disposable man.

From his silent corner

his lonely eyes watch

for those he knows

won't come.

They grew fat

on his fullness

and tall

on his time,

but now

their own frantic fullness fills

their every hour:

the world has no time

for an old empty can -

less still for

the disposable man.

The gray shadows flit

through his grayer days

till night closes in

with welcome release,

and, horror! he's gone

and the world stops still

while they weep

for their loss

though for years unseen,

and somehow find

sandwiched in between

the hustle of yesterday

and the bustle of tomorrow

a few feet of ground

for an old tin can

and an hour - too late! -

for the disposable man.