Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Communion tears

Communion tears

Communion tears
from troubled hearts
glistening pathways
to the heart of God.

Communion tears
from hurting hearts
healing touches
from the physician of souls.

Communion tears
cries from within
never wasted
reach the watchful ears of Love.

Keith Wallis


donna said...

Tell Me Again Lord

draw me close
tell me again Lord

how I must attend
that this vessel
does not drown in the
mire of treacherous seas

I am listening Lord
extend and deepen
my daily tapping into
the divine reservoir
of Your living water

remind me Lord
to pierce through the storm
focus on You and not drift
or seek the easier course

yes Lord
I hear your whispers
You are the Navigator
the Master of my voyage

draw me close
tell me again

donna said...


How wide do you shine?
does your glow cover all
the house or is it saved
only for you in your small spot?

do you shine down the street
and across town into the
stores, businesses, bars
where they sit huddled in darkness
afraid to enter into the
house of God

are you only a night light or
do you illuminate for the
whole world to see?

does your candle give light
to all the house to come
and sit at the Redeemers feet?

Kathryn Darden said...

Nice work, Keith and Donna!

susanwalkergirl said...

Keith...I also experience tears on Communion Sunday. But thank God for them and pray for a heart tender to God. Thank you!

Submitting a sample of my poetry for consideration.

Becoming One

It’s in becoming one,
Where we will learn to willingly surrender,
That which God will one day require of us.

It’s in becoming one,
We learn that submission and selflessness,
Are far superior to selfishness that the world inspires.

It’s in becoming one,
That we learn the eternal immeasurable value,
Of people and relationships over things.

It’s in becoming one,
We learn transparency and loving communication,
Choosing vulnerability and risking wounds from a faithful friend.

Oh Lord, may we realize,
That in avoiding selfless surrender,
We will only delay...even increase pain inherent in the inevitable.

Lord, may You bless and reward,
The fruits of our labor to become one,
Enable and strengthen us as we draw close to You!

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 30, 2008