Sunday, March 29, 2009

INVITATION TO LIFE (based on Isaiah 55.1)

A call to every nation
There's been a declaration
A message issued with a trumpet blast
You have an invitation
To join a celebration
So shake a leg and get your tickets fast

In the general population
There's a great infatuation
With seeking truths down many barren tracks
This 'new age' intoxication
Leaves you stranded at the station
Empty bags and none the wiser for the facts

Does your spiritual stagnation
Make you yearn for elevation?
Do you strive and pace and no-one seems to care?
Are you thirsty with frustration?
Do you walk with hesitation?
You're unsure what it is, but it's not there?

There is hope and revelation
When you read your invitation
Its sender signed your name with His own hand
He will wake you from sedation
You will shout with jubilation!
And your spirit will be filled right where you stand

Parched lips will know cessation
When you drink in His salvation
Come and have your fill - it's all for free!
No cash accumulation
Can buy this liberation
The price was paid with blood upon a tree

You don't need qualification
Just humble supplication
His love for you was made known by decree
For the Lord of all creation
Wants your name in publication
In the Book of Life that sits upon His knee


Kathryn Darden said...

Very nice, Tom! I look forward to seeing more of your poems!

Keith Wallis said...

Tom I'd prefer this piece as a six liner rather than a three - it would consolodate the second rhyme and add to the pace.
I enjoyed the read and it kinda reminded me of the monologues which were all the vogue in the early part of the last century in the music halls. Which, I hasten to add, I'm far too young to have first hand experience of.

Tom Meredith said...

Thanks Keith. Shall do!

Lynn Fowler said...

Hi Tom,

Great to see you made it here! Finally got here myself (LOL - I've been directing others here but hadn't personally taken the step!)

Hope to see you at Latrobe Christian Writers tomorrow.