Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patrick Acrostic

S ent to Ireland by God,
T aken there by force.

P atrick tended his flock
A nd listened to the Lord.
T ime ended his bondage
R eturning as a free man.
I nspiring with stories and service,
C eltic Christians honored him,
K eeping his memory forever green.


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susanwalkergirl said...

I like it Kathryn...short but powerful!

Submitting a sample of my poetry to be considered on Christian Poet's Pen:

Transforming Power

In my weakness
I want to turn around and walk away
But by the power of the Holy Spirit
I will return to the lion’s den this day

In my flesh
I want to strike back
But under the control of the Holy Spirit
I will choose to turn the other cheek

In my sin nature
I want to tell others of the offense against me
By the transforming power of Christ within
I will instead offer a prayer for the offender

In my humanity
Tears flow as I’m surrounded by quite
From the Word planted in my heart
I’m reminded that God will wipe every tear from my eyes

In my solitude
I attempt to wrestle against the spiritual forces of darkness
When I remember I am part of the body of Christ
I reach out and ask for my day to be covered in prayer

In my self confidence
I fail to prepare for spiritual warfare
In His wisdom, power and strength
I put on the full armor of God so I can stand against the devil’s schemes

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
July 25, 2008