Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quiet Place of Rest

Lord, lead me to the Quiet Place
where Your peace shelters my weary soul
let me lay before You, with empty thoughts
Lord, tis' Your Presence that fills me full.

Yes Lord, lead me to that quiet rest
Oh come and fill me deeper, and deeper within
As I lay myself before your Throne, Oh God -
I find rest because You're the Keeper of my sin.

Here I am, hungry and seeking more of Your face
I come, humbled before the Savior, on bended knee
Longing for more of Your heart to be made known
Lord God , open the eyes of my heart, so it's You, alone I see.

Speak peace to me, when the enemy tries to steal and destroy
Lord, tonight, I need the Holy Spirit to carry me through-
Lord, to stand firm, in this fight for someones soul
It's Your strength, I know I'll find, when coming to You.

So, Lead me forward in this battle field, Lord
show me Lord, of what you already see
I come to You, yes, my Quiet Place of Rest
Lord Jesus,tis' here, where I need to always be.


Tom Valles said...

Beautiful poem! I came to the site this evening looking for encouragement, and you gave it. Thanks!!

Kathryn Darden said...

Lovely poem, Karen. Tom took the words right out of my mouth!