Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Redeemer's Love

This poem came as I began to think about the Cross, and the Tomb.. And the Savior. And the " Redeemer's Love " for me, and for you..

From high upon a hillside cross
our Savior suffered , bled and died
And though Jesus carried the world's sin on His back
He walked carrying that load, knowing he would be crucified.

Yes, he carried the cross after being beaten and scorned
being shamed all the way to that lonely hill
And hearing words, of the soldiers, mocking His Name
Jesus knew their goal was for him to be shamed and killed.

So with every whip being torn into His skin
and tortured pain becoming a sign of His impending death
Jesus, being nailed to that heavy wooden cross
held on ,until his last painful breath.

But all the while, His love held him there
knowing the Father's plan meant he had to die
Jesus knew He was the only one to offer Life that day
and from the cross, our Savior's love showed us why:

Oh yes, our Savior had to die
He had to suffer at the hands of the Roman men
Yet, with love in his heart, and redemption for all
Our Savior would became the Redeemer for all who sin.

Then our Savior came back as the Risen King
tearing the temple veil in two -
but by the Power of Jesus, the Risen King
Our Saviors death opened heavens doors for me and you!

Oh yes, I will sing a song of Praise and Joy
I will lift my voice to the King of Kings
and for His death, on that lonely hillside Cross
My voice in Praise, to my Redeemer, I shall always sing!


Kathryn Darden said...

I think you and I are on at the same time!I saw the first version of the poem, but you edited it before I could get in and do it for you! I see you are really on top of things! Good job! :-)

karen hopkins said...

lol, Yeah, I realized I forgot to delete the blog posting from my Threads of Hope site.. Have a Great Resurrection Sunday!