Saturday, April 18, 2009

Addition Poems

Hey fellow poets! I just learned a new poetry form called an addition poem. I say it's a new form for two reasons: 1. I had never heard of it before and 2. I couldn't find any info on the internet. I wrote some instructions at:
How to Write an Addition Poem

I have written one addition poem in response to a challenge. It is not a Christian poem per se, so I will just post the link for anyone who wants to read it:

An addition poem about solitude and loneliness written in honor of National Poetry Month.

Anyone else want to try one?


susanwalkergirl said...

That is very interesting and challenging too. Nice job Kathryn.

Karen Gladys Henry said...

I had never heard of that either, but I like to experiment myself. So one time I tried this poem where each line has a word of 1 letter, then 2, up to seven. It was difficult, but I just let the sentences sort of float in their own syntax, and it really happened I think. Let me see if I can post this here (it's really hard to format):


I do not have peace sinful earthly
I Am all hope haven heaven Creator
I do not know Light speaks clearly
I Am the Lord Jesus Christ eternal
O if you will touch Saviour quickly

I do not have trust please restore
I Am all good Truth healer blessed
I am but dust dirty broken deliver
I Am the Life blood person cleanse
I do see Love enter Spirit forgive
O be now made whole living forever
I am new keep faith always freedom
I to you Word fresh impart reveals

I in joy give dance Father praises
I Am the Vine fruit growth abiding
I on You rely dwell deeply commune
O if you love share richly command
I do yes obey child chosen servant
I Am God holy power gentle perfect
I in awe self dying humbly worship

Karen Gladys Henry © 2003
All Rights Reserved.

Karen Gladys Henry said...
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Karen Gladys Henry said...

and now I'm seeing that I used the British spelling for Savior and it doesn't work! i can't count!! duh

Karen Gladys Henry said...

I like yours, and thanks for sharing that method. I'll have to try it!

Kathryn Darden said...

That is a very interesting poem, Karen. Thanks for sharing it - it is another good example of a creative way to do an addition poem!