Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seasons Of The Soul

The soul too has its seasons
But we don't realize
That just as winter follows fall,
The lows must follow highs.

We cannot live on mountain peaks
Or we would not relate
To those whose hearts are crying out
With burdens that are great.

It's through the desert seasons
We've found that God is real,
It's in the wastelands of our lives
Where we have learned to kneel.

For when we reach our limit
And find we can't depend
On anyone or anything
We finally comprehend...

Our props have been our idols,
We've given them first place,
It's then we recognize our need
And finally seek His face.

It's in the desert season
We truly see our need,
For only He can send the rain
That nurtures heaven's seed.

With springtime comes the flower,
The blooming of the soul,
For living waters He pours forth
So we in turn console.

The soul must have its seasons
For growth, for His embrace,
The green upon the mountain height
Is just a resting place.


Judy said...

Carol, this is beautiful and oh so true. We are closer to God because of the valleys and low times in our lives.

Joseph J. Breunig 3rd said...

A beautiful piece indeed; loved everything about this poem; wonderfully written and conceived; thanks for sharing this gem!

--Joe Breunig
Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory