Monday, August 2, 2010

Though I Don't Understand

Your methods I don't understand,
Your ways are hard to see,
And yet You hold the universe,
I know You're holding me.

It is not mine to question
The methods that You use,
But it appears the way You work
Is not what I would choose.

My healing seems uncertain,
The pain becomes so real,
I do not wish to stumble, Lord,
Or others' faith to steal.

Yet I know that You are working,
Your Word You do not change,
So I in faith will walk each day
This pathway that is strange.

You are the great Creator,
All power's in Your hand,
If this will bring the greater good
Then, Lord, I'll understand.

I give You, Lord, my body,
The pain, the doubts, the fears,
For You have shown me You are love
And I've no cause for tears.

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