Friday, August 6, 2010

The Vine

He is the Vine, He holds me fast,
He nourishes and grows,
And as the branch I draw from Him
The strength that ever flows.

He is my sole provider,
My anchor, my life-line,
And all I need to flourish
Is found within the Vine.

The Vine's responsible, you see,
For life, for growth, for fruit,
For all provisions for the branch
Are found within this root.

And I am grafted in this Vine
By His sweet invitation,
And when the union is complete
The fruit is His creation.

The branch does nothing on its own,
It only must abide,
To put down stakes, remain in Him
And He is satisfied.

He takes responsibility,
There's blossoming, then fruit,
We've tapped into His faithfulness
And nothing can uproot.

John 15:1-11

1 comment:

Judy said...

Beautiful and oh so true. We need to stay connected to the vine.