Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Act Of Creation

A whisper from heaven,
A word overheard,
A turn of a phrase
That has the mind stirred.

The notes of a song
That bears one along,
The words of a scripture
That makes the heart strong.

A poem, a story
That brings fresh, new thoughts,
A sermon once spoken
New meaning has brought.

A fresh definition
That wakens the mind,
A new revelation
That has been outlined.

A breathtaking scene,
Some masterful art,
Will cause inspiration
To stir in the heart.

But if we're quite honest
It all comes from Him,
The Creator of words
And each synonym.

It's heavenly insight
As we hold the pen,
The Spirit is speaking
Though written by men.

Pursued by the Father
As children of God,
We give Him our best
Though the writing is flawed.

From Him comes all wisdom,
The flame to begin,
Our senses once stirred
And the story we spin.

But anything good
That was writ on the page,
Comes from the Father
Who our pen engaged.

1 comment:

Joseph J. Breunig 3rd said...

A delightful piece; being made in His image, the power of creation is also embedded in us; enjoyed the flow of this poem. --Joe