Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Lender's Shopping Mall

The labor pains of writing
Results in many books,
And giving birth to all those words
One cannot overlook.

And for this vast selection
Of titles one and all,
A place for readers far and wide...
A lender's shopping mall.

Vast tomes of information,
Of stories that delight,
Or poetry that lifts the heart
And rises to its height.

A place of inspiration,
That hush that fills the air,
That isolated quietude
That everyone can share.

A place of peace and refuge,
A way to just escape,
A temporary solitude
That can one's life reshape.

A means to travel 'round the world
And never leave one's town,
To cast off heavy burdens,
For a brief time...letdown.

Refueling mental batteries,
To let one's mind engage,
To while away an afternoon
With words upon each page.

A catalog of vast delights
Indexed and shelved with care,
And filed alphabetically
By authors one can share.

Just one of heaven's blessings
Delighting mind and heart,
A brief but true vacation
From an author's "pastry cart".

1 comment:

Judy said...

I like that thought...the labor pains of writing results in many books.