Thursday, October 14, 2010

Send Them Off With A Kiss

The days and hours are fleeting,
Both time and minutes rush by,
We're not guaranteed the next moment
Nor told when our end will draw nigh.

Assuming that we'll have more chances,
Opportunities oft slip away,
Expressing our thoughts and feelings,
With tender emotions convey.

Just what will our loved ones remember,
What would we want them to know,
When sending our kids off to school
Or leaving for work--"on the go"?

The shadows of evening are hastening,
Another day slipping on past,
If this were our last conversation,
What words would we leave to hold fast?

Perhaps the spirit should ponder
As we send them off with a kiss,
The whispers of love we remember
And grudges, resentment, dismiss.

The mind will recall all the memories
Of times we were held to the heart,
The laughter we shared, the tenderness shown,
What message will our lives impart?

So send them off with a kiss
Instead of a shove out the door,
It's just too important to end with love's touch
Regardless of time's beating score.

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