Sunday, July 5, 2009


In the freedom of our nation
we find hope to walk our land
May we find courage and allegiance
as we walk together, hand in hand.

May we find freedom in the valleys
and safety in the skies
and as we find a path to walk in daylight
may Gods peace illuminate our blinded eyes.

And in our stepping out with choices before us
where we must choose right or wrong
It's in Gods Word we find all the answers
when we need strength when we need to be strong.

So with the freedom to become independent
my prayer today is that we see God for what He's done
and , as we choose to do the things we know are right
our lives will show why our freedom has been won.

May we all speak the truth to others
of the cost that Jesus had to pay
and that when our lives are seen by others
it's then when we can stand up to say:

Yes, I will stand up for my Father
yes, its to Jesus I will always see
as He gave His life for my Independence
its Him where my allegiance will always be.

Yes, I will stand up for the right
sharing my faith and all that I believe
and its only because of Jesus dying
that I have freedom to receive.

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Kathryn Darden said...

Nice patriotic poem!