Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Now that I have your undivided attention
May I take a moment to ask a few questions?
My riddles may possibly drive you to drink
But their answers may actually cause you to think

Would you walk off a cliff? Onto rocks would you fall?
Would you wrestle a bear that’s eleven feet tall?
Would you stand in the path of an oncoming train
And hope to escape with a head free of pain?

Would you trustingly kiss upon lips full of malice?
Or knowingly sip from a poisonous chalice?
Would you exit a plane from ten thousand feet high
Packed with no more than a suit and a tie?

Now if logic holds sway then your answers should flow
But if still you don’t get it, the answer is NO
To clear your confusion, I’ll ask you two more
So batten the hatches and bolt the back door

Might wisdom be found in an army of ants
Who attacked their own queen and annulled their own chance?
Might folly surround a small branch of a tree
That broke from its’ trunk in a quest to be free?

Some fights are worth fighting. Some quests worth pursuing
But is throwing your life away really worth doing?
We often fight battles against all the odds
And pride led one angel to fight against God

He exalted himself and he made it well known
That he thought that his own rump belonged on the throne
He told many lies and some took up his cause
To do battle in heaven and take it by force

But you see God made the heavens with power and might
And God with one breath gave that angel his life
That devils defiance is almost brain numbing
his cause is now crushed and his justice is coming

What chance do WE have if we strive on our own
And we wrestle that bear without help, all alone?
Without God we are branches that fall to the ground
Thrown out from His orchard to never be found

If you’re striving alone in this world of hard knocks
And you stand on the cliff and look down at the rocks
You can turn right around and reach out to the One
Who still thinks you’re a winner, whatever you’ve done

So take heart on the plane and step back from the train
Your wonderful maker has called out your name
Whatever your plight and wherever you roam
Love Him, don’t fight Him and He’ll bring you home


Tom Valles said...

Tom, Excellent poem! Really enjoyed your writing.

Kara Ashley said...

Terrific. The rhyming made it fun, but it had a very obvious and true message.