Friday, July 31, 2009

No God?

Ps 14:1 "The fool says in his heart 'There is no God'."

No God?
Though countless blazing spheres
stud endless space
on nothing hung,
and secret glories hide
where man will never see?

No God?
Though life in multitudinous forms
bursts ceaselessly from earth
and in all its needs
meets function apt for it?

No God?
Though unessential beauty
the universe pervades
and fools
have mind enough
to doubt their own reality?

Is it not, rather,
No! God!
No! I will not bow!
No! I will not serve!
No! I will not obey!
No! I will not believe!
For belief demands surrender:
No! God!


Kathryn Darden said...

I love your poem, and I wrote one on the same verse a few years ago, which I have re-posted above yours to keep the "theme" going!

Carol Penhorwood said...

Lynn, this is a powerful poem! I really like it. Very thoughtful, profound. I especially like the line "For belief demands surrender". Exactly right!

I, too, have written one on the same theme called "Behold Your God" listed under "NO GREATER LOVE" by Karen Hopkins in the Comments section.

We must have been on the same wave length.