Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jesus, the Foundation of my Faith

Lord , lead me to Your firm foundation
to know where I can always stand
where I will find my strength to focus
Lord, wherever you lead me in this land

The firm foundation of my faith
may it be where I know I can always go
and when in times that I need You most
Lord, may You be all that I will know

Take me to that foundation of peace
when I am to weary to even speak
Lord, in Your timing may I rise again
but today it's You, I've come to seek

Please rise me up - Oh King of Kings!
let Your firm foundation be settled under me
help me to plant my feet on Your solid ground
Oh God, may Your strength come and encircle me

Yes, your firm foundation - a solid place
where the enemy can not tear me down
Lord, place Your hand upon my mind, and soul
Oh God, let your foundation of strength come to surround

Yes, rise me up and help me stand
Your place of strength, Oh lead me too
Yes, Lord the Mighty Rock You are
What a firm foundation, I've found in you.

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